Why Diesel Technician Training Could Be Your New Career Path

American Diesel Training Center

Why Diesel Technician Training Could Be Your New Career Path

Much like any other form of technology, the engines and systems that run diesel trucks will become more and more complex as time moves forward - not to mention the increased demand in delivery vehicles as exceeding amounts of people order goods online. Virtually everything we purchase has traveled on a diesel truck at some point in its journey to you.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were 278,800 diesel technicians working in the United States in 2016, but between 40-50% of those technicians will retire by 2030. At least 200,000 technicians will be needed over the next 10 years just to keep pace with current demand. This leaves us with two things: a huge shortage of trained diesel technicians, and a great career opportunity for anyone entering the diesel technician industry.


Reason #1: You'll Learn From The Best

While there may be new diesel technologies emerging in the future, the general concepts (inspection, maintenance, and repair) remain the same. Because of this, there's an abundance of seasoned professionals who know exactly what to teach you.

At American Diesel Training Centers (ADTC), they've interviewed hundreds of industry professionals in order to build out their curriculum. The ADTC team has years of experience under their belt, and they're focused not only on teaching you the skills you need to become a diesel technician -- they're also driven by the opportunity to provide students with tangible problem-solving and communication strategies.


Reason #2: Flexibility At Your Fingertips

If you're interested in a career in politics, chances are you'll be directed to Washington, D.C. If you're looking to skill up into a technology field, you'll find lucrative job opportunities in multiple "tech hubs" around the country - like Silicon Valley or New York City.

If you become a diesel technician, you'll want to work in an area where there are cars. Which is... anywhere. Diesel-powered cars operate in every corner of America (and in other countries, too!)


Reason #3: A Quick Path to a Long-Lasting Career

Traditional school lasts anywhere from two to eight years. If you're looking to start a career quickly, consider a vocational training program that skills you up in a matter of months. American Diesel Training Center (ADTC)'s program is just three months long.

"I was in one of the first classes to attend ADTC. I loved every bit of it. The Instructors were phenomenal, The academic curriculum was great and the hands on lab work was engaging and challenging. The class was small which is a huge benefit compared to classes I attended elsewhere with two to three times as many students. And my fellow students were outstanding themselves. Last but not least, the tuition is the bargain of the century."

– Patrick Armstrong

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American Diesel Training Center (ADTC) is one of Skills Fund's newest skills-based training partner programs. We're on a mission to connect as many students as possible with financing for the training that will bring them to their best career possible. ADTC graduates may borrow up to $7,500 for program tuition and $2,500 for tools.

To learn more about our partnership, visit our partnership website.

To learn more about American Diesel Training Center, visit their website today or call (614) 410-6868.

Originally published January 17, 2018. Updated April 12, 2019.