Thinkful & Skills Fund: Our Partnership Grows

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Thinkful & Skills Fund: Our Partnership Grows

Starting in early 2016, Skills Fund and Thinkful have partnered up to offer clear-cut financing to Thinkful students to help them pay for their program tuition. Together, we're excited to announce a new financing option for Thinkful part-time programs: In addition to an Immediate Repayment loan option, Thinkful students can now select an Interest Only loan, which allows them to make interest-only payments while they're enrolled at Thinkful and for three months after program completion.


Paying for your education can be tricky - especially if you're loosing a paycheck by switching your full-time job for a full-time bootcamp. Skills Fund is on a mission to revolutionize higher education by removing a significant roadblock many students face while they're on their quest for a new skillset: financing.

With an Interest-Only Skills Fund loan, money can truly be removed from any existing worries. Picture this: on a 6-month Thinkful timeline, borrowing the full tuition amount ($8,750), students will pay $68/month while enrolled in their program. At $2.26 a day, that's less than your morning cup of joe. With this loan option, students won't need to start making full (interest + principal) payments until three months after they've completed Thinkful's program. In those three months, the graduate can be fully focused on securing an awesome job with their new skills. Almost 3/4 of Thinkful graduates secure employment within 90 days of program completion. By the time full repayment begins, it'll be much easier to foot the monthly payment because a paycheck is coming back around.

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If you have any questions about Skills Fund financing, we have a team dedicated to make sure you get the answers you need. Give them a shout at CustomerTrust@Skills.Fund.