Quality Assurance and Education: QM Connect Conference

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Quality Assurance and Education: QM Connect Conference

Skills Fund’s Chief Impact Officer, Yuanxia Ding, had the opportunity to speak about quality assurance and the future of outcomes-based education at this year’s QM Connect Conference. Yuanxia sat down with Deb Adair, Quality Matter’s Executive Director, to discuss trends and issues related to evaluating schools and determining student outcomes.

"Whether it is non-traditional providers that we work with at Skills Fund or traditional Higher Ed institutions that Quality Matters works with, the service that quality assurance provides to schools is to actually help demonstrate the value that does exist." - Yuanxia Ding

To see the rest of the conversation, watch below!

Quality Assurance, Education Policy, and Regulation: QM Connect 2018

This fireside chat-style conversation will provide insight into national regulatory and policy intentions and practices related to quality assurance and new forms of teaching and learning. Considering the rapid growth of alternative providers of education, the conversation will turn to questions about what quality assurance might look like in the future as higher education and alternative providers begin to "share" students. Will we see more collaboration between them and who is responsible for quality in that relationship?

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