New Partner Alert: Coding Dojo

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New Partner Alert: Coding Dojo

With online and in-person programs in seven cities spanning across the United States, students can access an immersive Coding Dojo education wherever they go. In Coding Dojo's innovative three-stack approach to curriculum, students study for 14 weeks & graduate with full stack development knowledge. Skills Fund is excited to be partnering up with Coding Dojo to provide tuition and living expense financing to Onsite Bootcamp students.

Established in 2008, Coding Dojo brings nearly a decade of experience into the relatively new bootcamp industry. They've refined their curriculum to find out what really works. As part of their mission to transform as many lives as possible, their program scales for students from any skill level and walk of life. Coding Dojo offers a unique three-stack approach including Python, MEAN, Java, Swift, .NET, and Ruby on Rails. At the end of the 14-week bootcamp course, students benefit from a Residency Program where they can access all course resources, career support, and instructor mentorship.

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Skills Fund: the Hakuna to your Matata.

Skills Fund provides financing for Coding Dojo's Onsite Bootcamp. Now it's easy to get a loan for a Coding Dojo program: students can benefit from financing from $2,000 up to the applicable city tuition max, as well as an additional $7,500 for cost of living financing. Coding Dojo loans are interest-only, which means that students make interest-only payments while in the program and for three months after completion. That way you can focus on finding the perfect job. Full payments (interest + principal) kick in after the three-month job search grace period.