Five Ways to Change Your Career This Year

How to Change Your Career

Five Ways to Change Your Career This Year

When a new year begins, everyone gets to work on creating new resolutions and agendas. There's no better time to make plans for reorganization and revamp, which is why everyone is starting a new diet, picking out their books to read for the year, or fine-tuning their updated workout routine. For people who want a change in their professional life, a new career is well within reach with a number of cutting-edge educational programs quickly gaining popularity. Even if you're rLet's take a deep-dive into what opportunities are out there!



The average 25- through 54-year-old adult spends 42.8 hours a week working. If you're in an occupation that doesn't bring you joy - there's no use in careening down a career path that you're not satisfied with. Now more than ever, there are so many opportunities available to skill you up outside of traditional education. With the fast-paced nature of today's world, the skills you learn need to adapt quickly to tomorrow's world; not just today!

Time and money are both valuable, so going back to school for 4+ years isn't the ideal plan for everyone. Instead, consider a quick-paced vocational program, like a coding bootcamp. The average bootcamp graduate receives a 51% salary increase, equaling $24,000, according to Course Report's most recent Coding Bootcamp Job Placement report.



Some people thrive off of a structured 40-hour-workweek, while others groan at the idea of spending all day behind a desk. If you've been working for awhile, you've become aware of your ideal workplace. If you're looking for a change of pace, have you considered stepping out of the office, and into a shop, or a classroom, or a vehicle?

Sometimes it just takes a change of environment for people to find their perfect career. People who work appointment-based careers (like estheticians, mechanics, and freelancers) have the opportunity to schedule their own hours. People who travel for work (pilots, truck drivers, and delivery personnel) are able to constantly sightsee - in addition to the flexibility around shifts.



If you're in a career you love, there's nothing better than taking the opportunity to refine your skills in order to align with the future of your employer. Your advanced skillset will give you more opportunity to move into a higher position (and land a higher paycheck!) For example, traditional graphic designers who learn UX/UI design have a broader range of skills, which qualifies them for more versatile positions.

Since you'll still be on the job, you'll need to take your nights and weekends as your learning time. Thankfully there is an abundance of part-time program offerings, both online and in-person.



As the old saying goes: find a job you love, and you'll never work a day in your life. If you find yourself spending more and more time working on your hobbies - maybe this year is a good opportunity to start making money off of what you do in your free time.

Years past have seen an increase in the "side-hustle" employment movement - as people take up secondary passion projects, typically bringing in a moderate amount of revenue. But what's to say that your side hustle needs to stay on the side?

With online marketplaces such as Fiverr and Etsy, it's easier than ever to reach people who will use your product. Freelance web developers, designers, and data scientists can build a clientele and bulk up their portfolio with the click of a button.



It's becoming increasingly popular for individuals to remove themselves from their day-to-day life, and venture to a new country or a new city to volunteer or vacation. Volunteering in itself can teach you many new skills, especially if you're working in an area with a culture that is different from what you're used to. Vacationing is expensive, but anyone who's traveled the world would tell you it's worth it.

If you've saved up enough money, taking a siesta from an employed lifestyle will certainly bring you a renowned sense of self - but the world won't stop while you're away. Be prepared to dive back into an advanced workforce when you get back - and depending on how long you've been away, new technologies (and even job roles) might have emerged, which will require you catching up to speed.

So where do I start?

Not all programs are created equal - which is why Skills Fund does what we do. Rather than finance students to attend any educational program, we're very selective with the folks that we partner with. Every school you'll find on our website has been rigorously quality-checked to ensure that they produce tangible outcomes for their graduates.

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Originally published January 10, 2018. Updated April 8, 2019.