Additional Expense Financing

Additional Expense Financing

Additional Expense Financing

Skills Fund stands out from the rest when it comes to our financing for a multitude of reasons, including our clear-cut financing (our loan calculator displays our rates for all to see), and our students-first mission (we won't partner with schools that don't offer a Return on Education).

Another way we've changed the game is with our unique offering of additional expense financing, to help students with extra costs associated with them attending their program. For some schools like diesel mechanic training, the additional expense could be uniforms or tools. For coding bootcamp students, laptops aren't cheap - so their additional expense stipend could be used to cover that cost.

How Do I Sign Up For Additional Expenses?

If you're interested in additional expense financing, check your school's partnership site to determine if they offer additional expenses financing.

Within the loan application, you'll have the option to input both tuition financing and living expense financing (a.k.a. cost of living financing). You'll need to borrow at least $2,000 in tuition financing to apply for additional expenses financing.

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How It Works

After you accept your Skills Fund loan terms, your loan will be certified by your school. Your tuition financing will be sent directly to your school, and your additional expense financing will be sent directly to you via electronic deposit or check (whichever you indicate in your application.)

Skills Fund Cost of Living Loan Application

If you'd like to have your cost of living disbursed directly into your bank account, simply input your bank account's routing number and account number into the application. The easiest way to find your routing and account numbers is to look at a check. You can also call your bank or look on your bank's website to find your information.


Prefer to receive a check?

If you'd prefer to receive your additional expenses via paper check, leave the fields in the application empty.


For single-disbursement schools: Funds will be sent to you on the second Wednesday after your program starts.

For multiple-disbursement schools: Funds will be sent to you in accordance with your school's disbursement schedule. Please check your school's partnership website for details or contact CustomerTrust@Skills.Fund.


If you have any questions, please contact our Customer Trust team at CustomerTrust@Skills.Fund.