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Skills Fund Partner Spotlight: GrowthX Academy

Skills Fund is excited to welcome our newest partner, GrowthX Academy!

GrowthX Academy offers immersive in-person programs on Sales & Business Development, Growth Marketing, and UX Design. Each course is offered as both a 12-week Full-Time Immersive Daytime Program and a 20-week Part-Time Nights & Weekends Program. The courses are taught onsite at the Galvanize campus in San Francisco, California.


The programs at GrowthX Academy are career-driven: Their proprietary GrowthX Academy Career Funnel™ is a toolkit that syncs your instructors, career coach and mentors together to help you obtain a job after the program.

GrowthX Academy leads the way in linking their students to applicable success. Projects are built out with consultation from real companies.

With GrowthX Academy as their alma mater, graduates are immersed in a community of employers, colleagues, and mentors. As an added perk, students receive a membership to the coworking space Galvanize, which is great for collaborating and networking!


GrowthX Academy has an unofficial slogan - "no coding required." Rather than learning a language, you're learning strategies and processes. The programs have a community-based structure and a large emphasis on the mentor network, both in the Silicon Valley and nationwide.

GrowthX Academy aims to accomplish their eight core values through intentional education: People First, Professional Will, Exponential Thinking, Trust, Respect and Inclusive, Grateful, Transparency and Humility.

Skills Fund

Skills Fund: Your Financing Co-Pilot.

For Full-Time Immersive Daytime Programs, we've partnered with GrowthX Academy to lend up to $19,000. It's an Interest-Only Loan, which means that students make interest-only payments while in the program and for two months after completion. Full payments (interest+principal) kick in after that two month grace period.

For Part-Time Nights & Weekend Programs, students receive a Non-Deferred Loan. Full payments (interest+principal) are required starting one month after the program starts. Cost of living is not available for part-time programs.