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New Partner Alert: Divergence Academy

Cybersecurity and Data Science are at the forefront of the digital learning space. Forbes magazine's prediction of a 2-million cybersecurity job shortage comes just in time for a new variety of accelerated learning programs to emerge - and Divergence Academy is leading the pack. Skills Fund is excited to partner up with Divergence Academy to offer tuition and cost of living financing for their Data Science and Cybersecurity programs in Dallas, Texas.

Divergence Academy got its roots in 2014 as the first Data Science-focused learning institution in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area. Since then, they've empowered countless students with the knowledge to become data scientists and cybersecurity professionals.

In the Data Science Immersive program, over the course of 480 hours students quickly learn the skills needed to become a superstar Data Scientist with eight courses, two weeks of project capstone, interview prep and project training.

In the Cybersecurity Core Technical program, students learn the skills needed to become security analysts, pen testers, and cybersecurity consultants over the course of 400 hours and six courses.

In the Cybersecurity Professional Penetration Tester program, much like the students gain the skills necessary to become a cybersecurity professional. With a program length of 400 hours and six courses, Divergent Academy levels up all students and helps them jumpstart their cybersecurity career.

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Skills Fund: The Rock to your Roll.

True to our mission of providing as many students as possible with access to a high-quality skills training, we've teamed up with Divergence Academy to offer tuition and cost of living financing for their full- and part- time programs. Students may finance between $2,000 up to their program tuition max. Divergence Academy loans for the full-time programs are interest-only, meaning that students make interest-only payments while in the program and for two months following graduation. Divergence Academy loans for the part-time programs are immediate repayment. Students make full payments (interest + principal) one month after the program starts.