Introducing Wyncode Academy's UX/UI Program

As South Florida's first development bootcamp, Wyncode Academy has paved the way to a new career for hundreds of graduates with its full- and part-time program offerings. Starting February 12th, Wyncode Academy will be expanding their business to offer a UX/UI Design Bootcamp at their Miami campus. Read on to find out more about this program and determine if UX/UI Design is the career for you!


Who can take this course? No previous experience necessary! Similar to Wyncode Academy's Web Development and Digital Marketing courses, the program is built to educate you from the ground up - so students of any experience level can jump in and stay on pace.


Every time we visit a website to purchase a product, write a review, or read a blog post (hi, there!) we're interacting with the user experience. Every button click, block of text, or captivating image is hand-placed to make you feel compelled to engage with the website (depending on the objective of the company - if it's a retail website, they will drive you to buy a product.)

Have you ever been frustrated with an app or a website before? (It doesn't automatically determine my location? It doesn't auto-fill my shipping information from last time? I have to click through six confirmation pages before submitting my information?) This means you've been victim of a bad user experience.

Have you ever thought to yourself - "wow, that was easy" - after going through a website or app? There you have it: a good user experience.

Wyncode Academy's UX/UI program will take you through the process of building, testing, and implementing user experiences and user interfaces. You'll study and learn about wireframes, KWHL charts, and A/B testing.

UX/UI Design impacts many sides of a business, from marketing, to sales, to product design. If you're a professional with a background in anything digital, it's ideal to have some UX/UI Design skills under your belt.


UX and UI are often used interchangeably, even though they're quite different. UX Design stands for User Experience Design, and UI Design stands for User Interface Design. UX Design is more analytical and technical. UI Design is more closely married to graphic design and visual design. Learn more about their differences (and similarities!) here.


Wyncode's UX/UI Design Bootcamp will be hosted out of their Miami, Florida campus in Wynwood.



Students of the first cohort (starting February 12th) automatically receive $1,000 off of their tuition!

Financing has never been easier:

With a Skills Fund loan, eligible students may make interest-only payments while in program and for two months following program completion. For an $8,000 loan, this equals just $16/week!

Dropping everything to attend a bootcamp is scary - and the costs associated with leaving work, moving, and buying course supplies can add up. Skills Fund is here to help: students may also borrow up to $2,700 for cost of living, which gets sent directly to the student.

To learn more about the Skills Fund and Wyncode Academy partnership, visit our partnership website.

To learn more about the Wyncode Academy UX/UI Design program, visit their website or call their Admissions team at (305) 720-2422.