Your Metamorphosis: What to Expect in a Bootcamp


Your Metamorphosis: What to Expect in a Bootcamp

Imagine stepping into the classroom on the first day of kindergarten: you’re very curious, kind of scared, and eager to learn what’s next. Your first day of a tech bootcamp will be kind of similar, but with less singing and fingerpainting. Things will move quickly (it’s accelerated, after all!) and before you know it, you’ll be well on your way to gaining new skills and launching a new career.

Let's face it: Starting a bootcamp is scary! You've left your job and life to dive into a new and radical type of education. To calm your nerves, we’ll use another elementary illustration. Think of a butterfly that goes through four stages – egg, caterpillar, cocoon, emergence. It's a metamorphosis. Attending a bootcamp moves the same way, but a little more quickly!

Now, let’s answer the question – how will your life change before, during, and after a bootcamp? What doors will open up for you, and what parts of your daily routine will be affected?

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THE EGG STAGE: Thinking about a bootcamp

Research, research, research! Step one is to explore all the readily-available content at your fingertips: The Internet. Looks like you’ve found Skills Fund’s blog. That’s awesome! We’re working to fully inform all students with bootcamp resources and information. As a plus, we only work with the best of the best bootcamps, so browse through our partners to see which ones catch your eye. They're all great.

Be sure to visit Reddit, Course Report, SwitchUp, and Quora. Also think about online versus in-person programs – which one is best for you? What language do you want to learn? How many months do you want to spend in a bootcamp? How much money can you spend? Are there scholarships available? Visit bootcamps in person or attend online info sessions. There's no such thing as too much research!

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THE Caterpillar STAGE: Before a bootcamP

Are you an employee? If you attend a full-time bootcamp, there will be no time to go to an eight hour workday. Your full-time occupation will be, well, a student. This is exciting (full steam ahead to your new career!) but also nerve-wracking. Make sure you’re budgeting correctly. If you’re relocating in order to attend the bootcamp, factor in cost of living and moving expenses.

Your social life will change. Your brain is going to be absorbing a plethora of information in a small amount of time. You might see less of your friends and family while you’re in the program, simply due to the amount of time you’re there!

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Cocoon stage: During the bootcamp, Have an open minD

Your stamina will be tested. Sometimes you’ll want to give up. Don't! Your mentors and instructors are there to help you. Keep that in mind when you’re frustrated, and reach out if you fall behind or need more guidance. Your success is the bootcamp’s success. If you graduate and land a superb job, they know they’re doing something right, and they can scale that in their advertising and curriculum.

A change of pace calls for mindfulness. Eat healthy, exercise, and take time for yourself. You’re in a very exciting time of your life, but it’s also probably exhausting! Download an app like calm or Headspace. Check out NestMaven's list of the best guided meditation videos and resources. Take several breaks throughout the day and breathe fresh air. Listen to fun music and don’t forget to laugh.

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After the bootcamp – the emergence stage. Spread your wings!

Utilize the career resources available to you. Network, network, network. Take a moment to relax and breathe. You’re done! Your next career awaits.

Are you ready to begin your metamorphosis? Take a look at our high-quality bootcamp partners & find the place to start your transformation from a coding caterpillar to a bootcamped butterfly.

Originally published May 19, 2017.