Why Should I Attend a Bootcamp?

Reasons to attend a tech bootcamp

Why Should I Attend a Bootcamp?

The productivity of humanity has shifted into high-gear. Everything we do is accelerated, expeditious, and can change at a moment's notice. This change is directly noticeable in the tech industry, where new designs and new intelligent products are emerging into the marketplace. As a response, new programming initiatives and languages have come into play, and people need a fast and effective way of learning those skills.

Enter the innovative bootcamp model. Rather than spending four years in a traditional educational setting, bootcamps and accelerated learning programs give you the knowledge you need at a faster pace. Programs are available to teach you so many skills: from broad, all-encompassing concepts (Growth Marketing), all the way down to specific languages (Full Stack Python).

If you put in the dedication, you'll succeed, but you shouldn't be blind to the amount of work that a bootcamp is accompanied by. It's not easy. Bootcamps are designed to teach you multiple years' worth of skills in a matter of months. It takes a certain mindset and level of commitment to come out on top.

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Are Bootcamps for You?

Why would someone feel compelled to try something that forces you to quit your job, put your life on hold, and attend an unconventional form of higher ed?

You need a professional reboot. You're at a dead end job, and you need to make a change. Your career has come to a halt, and you're weighing different ways to increase your professional appeal so you can dive into something new.

You're at a crossroads. You have a job, maybe you enjoy it, but you're ready for a change. You've heard on the news, through friends, or via social media, that there are bootcamp programs where you can rapidly learn a skill in just a few months and land a high-paying tech job as a coder or data scientist.

You're ready to level up. You have an undergraduate degree - maybe even a Masters or a PhD. You love your field. You're in the right industry, but there are emerging languages that you haven't learned, and jobs are requiring them. To keep up with the job market and to further your career potential, you need those skills - fast.

You're looking for a push. Your professional journey is TBD. You need a transformation. You've heard about the power of a bootcamp and want to learn more.

What happens after the program?

Aside from being the best way to get skills, bootcamps have a large focus on career development. Depending on the program that you select, you'll have anywhere from one to 15 people whose job it is to get you employed. Most bootcamps even have a network of partner companies that hire graduates directly. Even better: After the program ends, you'll be among the best new minds in the industry... your fellow graduates. Networking is key in the tech industry, and after spending every day for several months with a group of people, it's guaranteed that they will become your best advocates.


Sounds great, but who is Skills Fund?

Your higher ed co-pilot. We're here to help you understand who's a high-quality program and connect a diverse set of students with a transformative education. This means that we only work with bootcamps that meet our guidelines and ROE (Return on Education) standards. Every one of our partner bootcamps is continuously evaluated to make sure that they are true to their promise of furthering your education and professional opportunity. No ifs, ands, or buts. To learn more about our mission, click here.

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