Why Do Bootcamps Cost So Much?

Where does my bootcamp tuition go?

Why Do Bootcamps Cost So Much?

How much is a transformative education worth? With an average tuition of $11,400, bootcamp courses are surely an investment. Those funds pay for all of the technology, curriculum and instructors who will guide you to a new career. But what exactly does that money go towards?


They don't just teach you how to code. They teach you how to code correctly. The instructors consistently review your code and correct your mistakes. If you get something wrong, they'll make you go back and do it properly. If you're learning on your own, chances are you won't have those safeguards in place, so you will not have your mistakes corrected. If you get into an incorrect pattern, it might be hard to get out.


Everyone's a newbie at some point - but just because you're a novice doesn't mean that you can't benefit from veteran knowledge. Bootcamp curriculum is developed to put you at the forefront of the industry - you'll be learning the newest languages and skills that will best prime you to capitalize on the most relevant job opportunities.

The idea of learning new skills is so exciting - but "shiny object syndrome" is real. With so much to learn, and so many directions to go in, it's easy to become distracted and overly-focused on the wrong things. Bootcamps keep you in line and focused on solid goals, which turn into portfolio projects in the future.


Say goodbye to outdated curriculum and worn-out professors. Bootcamps employ instructors who are eager to teach, and who have relevant industry experience.


One of the largest factors that separates accelerated learning programs from other types of higher education is the emphasis placed on career services. It's more than just resume help and a mock interview. Bootcamps work with local and national companies to put together networking events and matchmaking sessions. They'll work with you long after your program ends to help you find an awesome career.


To pull upon a relevant example: Running a bootcamp is similar to running a web application. The pieces you interact with on the front-end are only a small fraction of what goes into making the whole process execute smoothly. Administrators work to make sure all operations of the bootcamp are working as well as they can.


If you're attending an in-person bootcamp, there's a cost associated with the space the bootcamp occupies - especially when the bootcamp is in a high-rent (and high-opportunity) tech hub like NYC or San Francisco. If it's an online bootcamp, funds need to go into making sure the website can handle the capacity of students, in addition to any video and recording software used to hold live events.


Think back to when you first heard about bootcamps. You might have attended an info session, or saw an online ad, or read a blog post about the benefits of an accelerated education. Like any other type of company, bootcamps use marketing to help them find potential students to bring in to the program.


The internet is a wonderful resource - and it's true that almost anything you can learn in school can also be self-taught for free online. For many, though, learning on your own just isn't feasible because it requires a huge amount of discipline and patience. Structured approaches to learning have been around since the start of humanity, and continue to evolve with the introduction of advanced technology. The days of lectures and chalkboards might soon be replaced by AI and online learning, but one thing will not change: the fact that you're being taught by something other than yourself.

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Not many people have $10,000-$15,000 laying around to pay for their bootcamp - which is why there are lots of options to help you finance the cost of your tuition.

Skills Fund partners with the best bootcamps in the United States to provide clear-cut and transparent tuition and cost of living financing for their transformative programs. For most programs, student are able to make interest-only payments while they're in the program - usually less than $100 a month. Find your bootcamp today, and calculate your monthly payment right in your browser using our unique loan calculator.

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If you're looking to transform your life and career with a bootcamp education, we've got your back. This guide will outline everything you need to know about paying for your program.