What Do I Need to Apply for a Skills Fund Loan?

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What Do I Need to Apply for a Skills Fund Loan?

After you've made your decision to attend a training program and learn a new skill, you're well on your way to a new career. The only checkbox left unmarked is the part where you figure out how to pay the cost of tuition. Programs with a Skills Fund partnership have made it as easy as possible for students to pay the cost of their tuition through a loan with low monthly payments. We've outlined exactly what you need before moving forward and applying for a Skills Fund loan.


Before you apply for a Skills Fund loan, you'll need to apply to and be accepted into a bootcamp.

While you're selecting a bootcamp, keep in mind the length of the program and whether you'd like to learn online or in-person. Need help on your interview? We've got you covered.

Your program start date must be within 90 days of when you apply for a Skills Fund loan.

The Skills Fund loan application will ask for the following details:

Your School

  • The name of your school

  • The name of your program

  • The name of the campus you’ll be attending

    • In-person programs: Choose your campus location.

    • Online programs: The loan application will automatically assign your school’s default campus for you.


  • Your first and last name

  • Your phone number

  • Your email address

  • Your citizenship status

    • Select from the following options: US Citizen, US Permanent Resident Alien, or Non-US Citizen.

  • Your Social Security Number

  • Your birth date

  • Your address

Your Employment

  • Your current level of education (not used in your loan approval decision)

  • Your current employment status and income (not used in your loan approval decision)

  • Your planned employment status during your program (not used in your loan approval decision)

Your Loan

  • The tuition loan amount you are requesting

  • The living expenses loan amount you are requesting

    • Living expense loans are available for certain programs only.

  • Your cosigner decision. You can choose to apply with or without a cosigner.

  • Your choice of repayment plan (deferred repayment, interest-only or immediate repayment)

  • Your choice of loan term (36 or 60 month repayment term)


After you input your email address into the loan application, you'll receive a link to begin the application.

The application takes just a few minutes to complete. Usually, you'll receive an approval or denial decision quickly. If you're denied, you may be given the opportunity to amend your application with a cosigner.



It's all about the ROE. Skills Fund only works with programs whose outcomes are in a student's favor. Before we partner with any program, we ask them real questions and look into their student outcomes, curriculum, and instructors. If they're not providing an education that a student benefits from, we won't partner with them. Simple as that.

Originally published June 30, 2017. Updated on December 26, 2019.