The Value of a Skills Fund Bootcamp Partnership

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The Value of a Skills Fund Bootcamp Partnership

Get this: Skills Fund is unlike any other student financing platform. Just look at our mission: We believe in positive Return on Education (RoE), so we partner with schools worth your time and money. If a bootcamp isn't completely invested in a student's future - and there aren't proveable outcomes - we won't partner with them.

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Quality in Education. Prior to any partnership, we vet each bootcamp to make sure they meet our quality requirements. We ask each bootcamp a series of questions during what we call our "Due Diligence Process." Some example requirements include:

  • Program completion rates
  • Employer Network
  • Average graduate starting salary
  • Relevant, skills training-based curriculum

If the bootcamp doesn't meet our thresholds, we won't partner with them. Simple as that.

Validation of Quality. Whenever we receive outcomes data from our bootcamp partners, it's verified and confirmed by a third party. It's a double-check to make sure everything is accurate.

Cutting-Edge Curriculum. We validate the curriculum of our partner bootcamps, making sure that it's built with input from industry experts. We confirm that there is a clear curriculum that the program can tie to specific skills training.

Top-Notch Program Experience. Our partner bootcamps exhibit admissions selectivity- meaning they won't accept just anyone. They must assess their potential students through interviews or other processes, to ensure that they're only enrolling students that are a good fit. Additionally, we look into the instructors for each of the programs to make sure that they're qualified.

Strong Outcomes. The placement rates of our bootcamp partners are industry-leading and meet our criteria thresholds. We look at program completion rates and job placement rates, as well as starting salaries and number of employer direct relationships (a certain amount of graduates go to work for partner companies).

CIRR. Skills Fund advocates for the transparency and legitimacy of bootcamp outcomes reporting. In early 2017, we created the Council on Integrity in Results Reporting (CIRR), a coalition offering a new and clarified way for bootcamps to report their student outcomes. It's now spun off as a formalized non-profit with a CEO and governance board, more schools reporting than ever before, and over 40+ provisional members. Learn more at


Everything that we do here at Skills Fund is centered around one concept: Positive Return on Education (ROE). Your education is important. Choosing where to learn and grow is not an easy decision, especially when that decision involves you spending your precious time and money. A positive ROE looks at the personal and financial outcomes of your education, to make sure that it's worth your investment.

If you've invested in your education, wouldn't you want your education to invest in your future?


What kind of career do you want? Pick one of our top-notch bootcamp partners.

Originally published: October 16, 2017