The Skill Podcast: Aligning Incentives for Bootcamps Financing


The Skill Podcast: Aligning Incentives for Bootcamps Financing

How is technology changing the way we approach our careers and education? Micah Merrick’s podcast, Skill, explores this question each week. On the latest episode, Micah shared a conversation with Skills Fund co-founder, Rick O'Donnell. Check out the podcast below to learn more about the growing bootcamp industry, the merits of outcomes-based education, and the future of tech jobs.

Rick O'Donnell - Co-Founder of Skills Fund - Fueling the Accelerated Learning Revolution

Rick is the co-founder and former CEO of Skills Fund, which provides students with funding to attend accelerated learning programs that have been rigorously vetted on the quality of their student outcomes. Previously, Rick founded and worked in multiple education technology companies, including the Acton Foundation, College Portfolio, and Fullbridge. Rick also spent time in the public sector, leading the Colorado Department of Higher Education. Rick talks about the challenges that we face in reforming higher ed, the history and future of accelerated learning programs, and the unsettled debate about whether loans or ISAs are better for students.

Rick and Micah discuss how Skills Fund is trying to solve a part of the puzzle traditional accreditors are failing to address: school quality. They also discuss the tight link between school quality and student performance in the job market after graduation. Finally, they imagine a world in the near future where students have multiple funding options to attend accelerated learning programs at Universities, bootcamps, and skill academies across the country.

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