Student Story: Your Data Science Future Starts with Metis

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Student Story: Your Data Science Future Starts with Metis

Demand for data scientists throughout the country has been rising for years, and companies are scrambling to find talent in an unsaturated job market. From January 2015 to January 2018, job postings for data scientists rose 75 percent at, while job searches for data scientist roles rose 65 percent, according to Bloomberg. Metis, an accredited data science training school, is working to fill that talent gap.

Over the course of 12 weeks, stationed in one of Metis’ four campuses in New York, San Francisco, Chicago, or Seattle, students use real data to build a five-project portfolio, something they can show to potential employers. What really makes Metis different is their keen attention to student support throughout the bootcamp experience. During the program, students have access to the Metis admissions and a full Career Support staff. Students work with a dedicated career advisor to help them find and prepare for a job in data science, through mock interviews, technical workshops, and more.

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Student Story: Gavin

Gavin completed the Seattle Data Science Bootcamp in the Fall of 2017. After graduation, they used Metis’ career services to find the perfect company. Now they’re a Data Scientist at Zulily. Skills Fund recently had the opportunity to interview Gavin to learn all about the bootcamp and financing process, and learn all about what they’re up to now!

So, why did you decide to go to a bootcamp?

G: “I was in my last semester of my PhD program and facing some difficulty within my job search. I had just attended a data science fellowship program where I learned a bit, but I wanted more.”

Why Metis?

G: “I started searching for an established program that would help me find a job - and I did a lot of online research. I knew I wanted to be in Seattle, so I looked for programs in the area. I compared a few different bootcamps, and downselected Metis. The deadline for the bootcamp application was that night - so I went with my gut and applied right then and there.”

What made you decide to take out a loan for your program?

G: “It boiled down to necessity. I had previous loans from my PhD program, and our household income wasn’t enough to pay for the bootcamp in full. I knew the program would be worth it, and it was great to know I could start at Metis undera payment plan instead of owing the full tuition up front. The additional cost of living financing was a great help as well because I got those funds immediately.”

What was your favorite part about going to Metis?

G: “The sense of camaraderie. By the end of the program, I had a tight-knit relationship with everyone in my cohort. Everyone was so supportive. The program itself was very helpful, especially the careers counseling. Having access to someone who knew how to the job searched worked was great. I took full advantage of the industry connections and resume help.”

What was your favorite part about using Skills Fund financing?

G: “The process was smooth, and it was easy to apply. I received the living expense check quickly, and Metis received the tuition money, and that was it.”

What do you do now?

G: “Today is my four month anniversary at Zulily. We’re an online retailer that runs flash-sales, more than 100 events per day. It’s a huge amount of data flow. We’re a growing company, and I am on a team with three other data scientists. I’m faced with new projects and challenges every day, which I enjoy. Just yesterday I was working with the Merchandising team to streamline their scheduling.”

What advice would you have for someone who wants to go to a bootcamp in the future?

G: “Take full advantage of the career counseling. It was extremely helpful. Make sure to network with the speakers Metis brings in, as well as your cohort members. Get to know the career services team, and come to them for help on resumes and during the job search. The bootcamp curriculum will definitely get you where you need to be, and the career services will help you find a job that fits with you.”

About Metis:

Metis accelerates the careers of data scientists by providing full-time immersive bootcamps, evening part-time professional development courses, online learning, and corporate programs. Visit the Metis website to learn more about their life-changing courses.

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About Skills Fund:

Skills Fund has teamed up with Metis to provide tuition and cost-of-living financing to eligible Metis students.

For the first five months of Metis, students will make low interest-only payments. Starting at month six, full repayments begin.

We’re on a mission to make financing as simple, easy, and clear-cut as possible. No teaser rates here. Students may discover their fixed rate and loan term, and calculate their monthly repayment right on our partnership site before even applying. Visit our financing website to learn more about how Skills Fund can help you pay for Metis.

Originally published on September 19, 2018.