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Bootcamp Grad Spotlight: Beth Qiang of Fullstack Academy (Part Two)

Beth Qiang, Fullstack Academy alumnus, first learned how to program while she was working as a data analytics consultant.


If you missed part 1, I went over some key things to think through as far as making a career change, selecting a bootcamp, and setting yourself up to be successful before getting started. If you’ve already made your choice and are getting ready to start classes, phase 3 of that post includes some useful links to help you get some reps in before you start drinking from the firehose. With research and prep in the rearview mirror, let’s dive in on how to get off to a great start with your...


How many great decisions did you make when you were 18? I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt and say five. Finally free from the tyranny of your high school algebra teacher, maybe you chose to go to a university to flex your intellectual muscles and chart a path toward societal revolution. Or maybe you wandered a bit too far from campus and got a little more familiar with the local bar scene than you’d care to admit. Either way, we’re expecting folks who can’t even legally rent a car to make life-altering decisions about what to study, where to live, or how much student loan debt to take...


Breaking into tech can be a tough journey. Between finding your first job to keeping up with the latest trends in technology – not to mention building out a network and talking to… actual… people – it’s enough to make you want to drop on your couch, throw on some reruns of The Office, and slam down a pint or two of Ben & Jerry’s.

Student presenting data science project

The data science job market has consistently grown over the past several years. Fueled, in part, by advances in big data, AI, and machine learning, we've seen a lot of demand for professionals looking to further their education within data science.


The modern web as we know it is built on JavaScript. From user interactions on websites to database integration on the backend, the programming language continues to rise in popularity. With this in mind, LearningFuze offers its students a choice of a full-time, 12-week immersive web development bootcamp or a part-time, comprehensive program with tracks in front-end, back-end, or full-stack. Billy Kim is a recent graduate of LearningFuze that was hired as a Full Stack Web Developer at Naked...

codesmith_shoot2 (23 of 38).jpg

Codesmith offers their Software Engineering Immersive program at campuses in New York and Los Angeles, in addition to a variety of in-person events and online resources. We checked in with Franklin, a graduate from the ninth cohort out of New York’s campus and current full-stack engineer at The Muse, to get his *ahem* musings on Codesmith’s bootcamp and how it helped him prepare for a career in software engineering.

iStock-658164788 smaller.jpg

Oftentimes, immigrants assume they are ineligible for student loans, but there are loan programs and options available specifically for international students and immigrants who are on student visas.

Immigrants may need to meet higher requirements or take extra steps to get a loan, though, so it’s important to understand the proper steps to take and what the best options are. This article has all the information you need on how to get a student loan as an immigrant.

How to Change Your Career

When a new year begins, everyone gets to work on creating new resolutions and agendas. There's no better time to make plans for reorganization and revamp, which is why everyone is starting a new diet, picking out their books to read for the year, or fine-tuning their updated workout routine. For people who want a change in their professional life, a new career is well within reach with a number of cutting-edge educational programs quickly gaining popularity. Even if you're rLet's take a deep-dive into what opportunities are out there!

Top Image November 2017.png

Last Updated: November 28th, 2017

You’ve made up your mind: you want to attend a bootcamp. First things first – congrats on making the wonderful decision to accelerate your education and jumpstart to a great job. Soon you’ll be on the fast track to a rewarding and high-paying career. But getting into a bootcamp isn’t that easy, and you need to thoroughly prepare for the admissions process in order to get accepted.

We’ve spoken to some of our accelerated learning program partners and got the lowdown: what do you need to do to get into, and prepare for,...

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Beth Qiang, Fullstack Academy alumnus, first learned how to program while she was working as a data analytics consultant. But, after attending a Python conference in the summer of 2016, Beth instantly recognized her calling to become a Software Engineer.

Part One: Follow Beth's decision to attend a Fullstack Academy's prestigious bootcamp program.

This Q&A is part one of a series of three. ...

Emily Hough-Kovacs | Metis Data Science Alumni

This piece is a cross-post, originally posted from our awesome partner, Metis.

For Emily Hough-Kovacs, it’s not just about the final product when it comes to music. It’s about the intricacies of production, the record label dealings, and the entire creative and business process. Now a Data Scientist at music streaming giant Spotify, where she works on the Creator Products Insights Team, her daily work aligns with her interest in the creative music process from start to finish – and she’s...

Online Bootcamps

Every day, students from around the world pack up their lunches and head to a on-campus coding bootcamp. But what if you want to code from your home? Learning to code online is as easy as ever - and for Skills Fund bootcamp partner programs, the curriculum and outcomes are just as great as in-person immersive programs. Here's a list of our partner bootcamps who offer some (or all) of their programs in an online format.

Resume Tips.jpg

Resumes are just one portion of your coding bootcamp application - accompanied by your portfolio of projects, GitHub profile and collection of recommendations. But by no means should they be overlooked! Coding and technology bootcamps are a recent addition to the higher education space, so the way you present your bootcamp education in your resume is a little different compared to what you may be used to.


Last Updated 1/25/18

According to Course Report's 2017 Coding Bootcamp Market Size Report, the average length of a program bootcamp is 14.1 weeks (around 3.5 months.) There are over 100 bootcamps in the United States today, with lengths ranging from one day up to six months (and longer!) How do you determine how long you want to be in a bootcamp for? We're here to help.

UX UI Design.png

It's fascinating to see how visual design has changed over the past few decades. In the 70s and 80s, it was all about print design: newspapers, magazines, and books. With the introduction of mainstream technology, focus shifted towards digital design in the 90s. At the turn of the millennium, web design and user interface design came into play. Now there's less of a focus on art, and more of a focus on usability. Present Day: Everything moves quickly, from the cars we drive to the information we send over the internet. With this newfound focus on agility, society has...

data image.jpeg

This question gets asked all the time, but let's be honest: there's no right answer. There is no "best" language to learn when it comes to programming because all programmers should have experience in more than one language so they can pick and choose what works best in what scenario. Languages often coexist and work together, and you'll find yourself needing to learn one in order to use the other.

The easiest way to answer this question is to first decide what you want to build, and what framework you want to build them in. Let's get started.

What Companies Look For in a Bootcamp Graduate.jpg

According to a study done by Indeed, the overwhelming majority (99.8%) of employers who have hired a bootcamp graduate say they would do so again. Towards the end of your bootcamp, you'll start to work on your resume and LinkedIn profile. You've heard the basic tips - check for typos, add references, plug in relevant keywords. But what do hiring companies actively look for in bootcamp graduate resumes? With the increase of recent bootcamp graduates – 20,316...

Best Places to Research Bootcamps.png

With the bootcamp industry rapidly growing, the process of picking the right bootcamp may seem overwhelming at first. Thankfully there is an abundance of resources available online to help you research what's what and select the perfect bootcamp to help you skill up and launch your career. Start with these top six places to research coding and technology bootcamps.

Language Spotlight Swift.png

Objective-C is a traditional programming language that's been around for 30 years. In 2014, Apple announced a new open-source programming language, Swift, which is seen by many as a faster alternative to Objective-C. Swift is a high-level language, meaning that it takes less time and fewer commands to accomplish a task. Swift is the language that new applications are built in for Mac OS X and iOS platforms.

front end development

In your search for a bootcamp to attend, you’ve probably crossed paths with the term “Full Stack Developer” or “Full Stack Program”. What does this term mean, and what makes it different from other types of development and coding?

5 Surprising Things to Consider While Selecting a Bootcamp.jpg

The decision to attend an accelerated learning program is huge. The curriculum you learn, the instructors who guide you, and the connections you make while in the program will become pivotal to your success and future career.

There are over 100 bootcamps in the United States. While you're determining which one to attend, you'll look at some obvious factors such as location, in-person versus remote, and curriculum type. But there are several factors you might not have have considered which...

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There's a reason why ordering pizza online has become much more popular than ordering over the phone: it's easier, causes less room for error, and is usually quicker. The website knows your order and your address before you even start. Whenever you post an update to Facebook or submit an online pizza order, you're interacting with the user experience of an application. The website's interface was meticulously studied and tested, with the intention of producing an easy-to-use and user-friendly experience.

Day-to-day interactions are quickly shifting online, and in response, there's a...

Blog Top Image.png

In the age of easy travel, work-from-home policies and growing spontaneity, more and more young adults are renting homes instead of buying - despite the clear value of homeownership. As a response, rent prices in large technology hubs (San Francisco, Washington D.C., NYC) have skyrocketed. If you're looking to move to an area with a great technology community plus a rent payment that's easy on the...

2016 versus 2017 languages.jpg

As technology ebbs and flows, the languages that build applications and websites change to reflect growing demand for security, versatility, and device compatibility. Keeping up with the in-demand languages is vital for any technology-savvy individual – especially someone who wants to build a career in tech. Look at the top programming languages of 2016, and compare them to the top programming languages of 2017, according to our partner Coding Dojo. We've also included our insight into what languages will...

Language Spotlight Java.png

With over 10 million users, Java is one of today's most popular programming languages. It's been around since 1985. What makes it so useful, and what makes it so different from other languages?

Language Spotlight Python.png

Every day, we interact with technology that uses code. When you press a letter on your keyboard, or push "dial" on a telephone, there is a computer inside of the device that works to display what you see or produce what you hear.

Coding Resources.jpg

No matter where you get your education, there's always a benefit to fine-tuning your knowledge and brushing up on the newest technology. People all over the world can benefit from learning coding and technology schools online with the best blogs and forums around. We've created our list of favorites. Check them out and let us know what you think!

Online vs Campus Top Image.png

You've taken the first step to transforming your future by attending a bootcamp, but now you need to decide HOW you want to learn. One of the best benefits of modern-day education is flexibility: You can attend an in-person, on-campus bootcamp, or you can get your education online from the convenience of your home with either a self-paced or structured online program. Both methods of learning have their own merits and produce great results. The easiest way to select which program type to attend is to weigh the pros and cons to see which format is best for you.

christian-fregnan-438505 resized.jpg

The world of work is changing. We're more connected than ever before, revolutionary technologies are emerging, and people are communicating in new languages every single day. Experts have estimated that over 5 million jobs will be lost to automation and technology by 2020 - which is why people need to become adaptive and gain skills that will ensure employment down the road. Let's dive into the jobs with the most growth potential.

Coding bootcamp meal plan.png

Think back to the last time you were a student. For me, I immediately get flashbacks of french fries and quesadillas - quick, on-the-go food with less than ideal nutritional value. Studies have shown that when it comes to your brainpower, you are what you eat. Bootcamp students: Use this guide to pick out what you can prepare quickly at home and bring to your classroom. Bon appetit!


Cyber Security is one of the newest skills to be introduced to the educational space. Our online presence is greater than ever, and more attacks and information leaks happen daily. In response to the increase in these threats, Cyber Security bootcamps are popping up to equip students with the training needed to defend the world wide web. Experts predict there will be a global shortage of two million cyber security professionals by 2019, according to...

Where does my bootcamp tuition go?

How much is a transformative education worth? With an average tuition of $11,400, bootcamp courses are surely an investment. Those funds pay for all of the technology, curriculum and instructors who will guide you to a new career. But what exactly does that money go towards?

Programming Books.jpg

When it comes to analyzing learning formats, it's clear that the way we absorb information is shifting from the printed space to the digital space. But with that being said, let's get something straight: books are not a lost art: more than 822,480 books have been published this year! [source] When you're gearing up to learn a new skill, you want to grab on to as much educational material as possible - including...

Reasons to attend a tech bootcamp

The productivity of humanity has shifted into high-gear. Everything we do is accelerated, expeditious, and can change at a moment's notice. This change is directly noticeable in the tech industry, where new designs and new intelligent products are emerging into the marketplace. As a response, new programming initiatives and languages have come into play, and people need a fast and effective way of learning those skills.

Enter the innovative bootcamp model. Rather than spending four years in a traditional educational setting,...

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Traditional marketing works a little like this: businesses funnel efforts (manpower, budgets, time) into getting as many customers as possible. Growth marketing, takes that age-old method and tweaks it slightly. Rather than attempting to get as many customers as possible, growth marketing attempts to get as many lifelong customers as possible, in order to facilitate a relationship the company can benefit from for as long as the company is around.

2010 Versus 2017 Technology Jobs.png

With the introduction of new technologies (and the discontinued use of others), the demand for certain technical skills grows. The skills needed for a tech-savvy job in 2010 are vastly different from the skills needed in a modern-day role. We've compared and contrasted several old and new jobs - and even made a few predictions for the future of technology jobs.

The Future of Coding Jobs.png

It’s 2017. Technology is changing rapidly. The devices we’re using today will become inferior technology within the next ten years, and society will have moved on to the bigger and better thing. Students entering the market for a career need to keep their head on a swivel and look five years in advance – always asking the questions “will my job exist in the future, or will I be replaced by a robot?” or “Will the skills I’m learning today still be applicable after everything becomes automated?” or “Am I at risk of being replaced by outsourcing or role consolidation?”

Best Programming Languages to Learn

Everyone wants to stay ahead of the curve. With the ever-changing revolution of technology, frameworks, languages and coding infrastructures come and go. In this year’s Stack Overflow survey, over 64,000 developers reported on their most commonly used languages. Take it from them: these are the languages that you should learn if you want to level up your coding skills and get a great career.

Research Coding Bootcamps.png


The long established system of educating new software engineers is seriously broken. Software engineers need to be able to build large, scalable, flexible and responsive applications quickly and effectively with a team of developers. Build and deliver. If you can do that, any sensible hiring manager, on the planet, will hire you. If you can’t do that, good luck.

This is what colleges and universities should be doing when they develop their computer science programs; however, they are not currently completing this basic task. If the developer bootcamp...

Easy Ways to Prepare for a Tech Bootcamp

Every day, students around the world are taking the first step by attending a coding, data science, or cybersecurity bootcamp. In the beginning of your bootcamp journey, it’s important to hit the ground running and stay on-track with the curriculum and course materials. According to Course Report’s 2018 Coding Bootcamp Market Size Study, the average bootcamp is 14.3 weeks long. That’s less than four months to receive what some compare to a year’s worth of knowledge.

So how do you ensure that...

Who Uses JavaScript

It's safe to say that knowing only one language is not the best way to become tech-savvy: languages always work together, and you'll face limitations from the get-go. If you had to pick a language to start with, however, it might just be JavaScript. With gaining popularity and tons of different uses, JavaScript is a great way to dip your toes into coding.

Five Reasons to Learn How To Code.png

According to a study done by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average middle-aged person has held 11 jobs in their lifetime. As a new technology landscape emerges - jobs are coming onto the market, demanding a new skill set and publishing great outcomes data. So how can you find a job - and then stay in it? Coding has been rated as the #1 job in America, and this is why.

All Coding Is Local.png

After conversations with dozens of coding school founders and their students over the last several months, Tip O’Neill’s famous line that “all politics is local” keeps coming back to me, but in the form of “all coding is local.”

Regularly, I see public figures and news stories proclaiming a “tech talent shortage” or by...

Comparing Salaries.png

One of the most common questions we get here at Bloc is: “Don’t I need a Computer Science Degree to become a developer?”

The answer, in our opinion, is no. Last year President Obama pointed to bootcamps –saying “It turns out it doesn’t matter where you learned code, it just matters how good you are at writing code.” He was referring to an economic shift from a credential-based economy to a skill-based economy. Employers and hiring managers care less about where you went to school and...

Data Science 101.jpg

You've heard it everywhere: Data Science is the next big thing. Named as the number one job of 2017 by Glassdoor and with an estimated 28% growth in demand by 2020, Data Science is a hot career choice for technology bootcamp graduates. We've got the low down on everything Data Science -...


Tech bootcamps and accelerated learning programs have taken higher education to the next level. In Course Report’s 2016 study, an estimated 17,966 bootcamp graduates entered the workforce in 2016 – that’s up from 10,333 in 2015. So what kind of jobs are these graduates getting? Check out this list, set your eyes on your end goal, and then jump into a bootcamp to revolutionize your career.


We make micro-decisions about our spending every single day.

  • Should you spend an extra $100 to have a direct flight, rather than have a 3-hour layover?
  • Should you spend an extra $10 to have your groceries delivered, rather than spend an hour browsing at the supermarket?
  • Should you take the time to go to a retail store to buy an item, or should you spend the extra $8.95 to have it shipped to you (and get it a few days later)?

All of these questions are driven by the thought that your time has value - depending on the tasks you're doing, your...

Language Spotlight Javascript.png

There are over 500 programming languages in the world, and all of them have their own use, application, and value. One that gets tossed around most often as the number one language to learn is JavaScript. It's the oldest programming language around – circa 1995 – and people use it every day.

Language Spotlight Ruby.jpg

With over 15 programming languages used by developers every single day (and thousands of others which are retired or not as frequent), what makes Ruby stand out from the rest in terms of function, usability, and ease-of-use?

Learn to Code at Any Age

By definition, coding is a newer type of skill, accompanied by a brand new library of terms, technologies, and ways of learning. With the introduction of programming designed for children (such as Scratch), it is now common to see coding integrated into the curriculum of preschools and kindergarten classrooms.

Just as the learning format has been adapted for learners of a younger age, there's also been a movement of teaching seniors how to code. Older coders and computer programmers seek to develop new...

Bootcamps From Coast To Coast.jpg

Last updated: October 18, 2017

Many barriers have once stood between a student and a high-quality skills education. Finances. Time. Location.

We're on a mission to shatter those barriers. Originally a major obstacle, the location of a program is now less of a concern for many students thanks to new programs all across the country and online.

The growth has greatly expanded access, as students no longer need to face the cost and consequences of moving cities to attend a bootcamp. Programs are now available in a...

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Equifax, one of the three major credit reporting agencies in the USA, was hacked and over 140 million Americans had their entire credit history stolen, including Social Security Numbers, names, birth dates, addresses, drivers license numbers, any bankruptcies within the last seven years, and more.

So what happens next, and what do you need to do to protect yourself?

Why Do People Fear Going Back to School.jpg

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, adult learners are the fastest growing segment in the higher education market. After receiving a bachelors degree and working for several years, adults are returning to school to either skill up on new technologies and languages, or to restart their career in a different field. Accelerated learning programs (a.k.a. bootcamps) are an innovative way to quickly give people relevant skills - with a lower price tag than a traditional four-year degree.

Like any other life change, going back to school is often seen as a source of...

Your First Year as a Data Scientist.jpg

Named as the number one job of 2017 by Glassdoor, Data Science is an up-and-coming career choice for technology bootcamp graduates. But what do Data Scientists actually do in their day-to-day roles? Here's some insight into this new job opportunity.


Imagine stepping into the classroom on the first day of kindergarten: you’re very curious, kind of scared, and eager to learn what’s next. Your first day of a tech bootcamp will be kind of similar, but with less singing and fingerpainting. Things will move quickly (it’s accelerated, after all!) and before you know it, you’ll be well on your way to gaining new skills and launching a new career.


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