Skills Fund: Opportunity From Coast-To-Coast

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Skills Fund: Opportunity From Coast-To-Coast

Last updated: October 18, 2017

Many barriers have once stood between a student and a high-quality skills education. Finances. Time. Location.

We're on a mission to shatter those barriers. Originally a major obstacle, the location of a program is now less of a concern for many students thanks to new programs all across the country and online.

The growth has greatly expanded access, as students no longer need to face the cost and consequences of moving cities to attend a bootcamp. Programs are now available in a growing number of smaller metros such as Cleveland, Raleigh, and Fort Lauderdale in addition to large cities like New York and San Francisco. High-quality online programs provide access anywhere, giving students even more opportunity to transform their lives.

Skills Fund partners with only the best bootcamps to ensure students from all backgrounds have access to a high-quality skills training. Learn more about how we’re increasing access for every student across the country:


Skills Fund partners with 52 programs from 27 states and 62 cities.

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Our online partner bootcamps enable opportunity in every state across the country.