Skills Fund is Proud to Introduce the Council on Integrity in Results Reporting

Clarity & Integrity in Student Outcomes Reporting

Skills Fund is Proud to Introduce the Council on Integrity in Results Reporting

When a coding school advertises a job placement rate of 65% or 80% or 95%, what does that mean? Does that number include every student who graduated? Is it only students hired in full-time coding jobs for which they went to school, or does it include part-time gigs and full-time waiter positions?

Having examined the quality of nearly 200 bootcamps in our quest to ensure we partner with schools worth your time and money, Skills Fund has seen nearly every permutation on outcomes reporting. While there have been a few (very few, thankfully) reported instances of deceptive practices, many schools have sought to be transparent by publishing their own outcomes reports.

The problem with the coding industry’s transparency push is that yes, the various methodologies are transparent in being documented, but they are also complicated, rely on footnotes for disclosure, and make apples-to-apples comparisons among schools virtually impossible.

But today, that model changes.

Leading bootcamps are moving beyond transparency to embrace the simplicity, clarity, and integrity of reporting graduation and employment outcomes in a single table, free from footnotes, complexity, and gimmicks.

For the past year, Skills Fund has led the creation of a new way to report student outcomes. Together with a coalition of bootcamps representing a cross-section of the industry – single and multi-campus schools; online and on-campus; big coastal city and middle America towns – we’ve created the gold standard for student outcomes standards. And not just for bootcamps, but for higher ed as a whole.

In partnership with Course Report and the largest coalition of bootcamps, Skills Fund is proud to unveil the Council on Integrity in Results Reporting (CIRR). Simply put, CIRR is a game changer.

Say goodbye to complicated transparency and hello to clarity, simplicity and easy comparison among schools. CIRR’s standards also stipulate truth in advertising disclosure for all data - the first of its kind in higher education.

Skeptical? We invite you to see the power of a one-page reporting template that clearly showcases outcomes that matter most to students here. While exploring the reporting template, take the time to learn more about CIRR’s mission, standards, and founding members here.

The time has come for simple, clear and footnote-free transparency.

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CIRR member organizations include Code Fellows, Codeup, DevMountain, Epicodus, Fullstack Academy, Grand Circus, Hackbright Academy, Hack Reactor, Ironhack, RefactorU, Sabio, The Software Guild, Thinkful, Turing School of Software & Design, Wyncode, Course Report and Skills Fund.