Seven Tech Cities with the Least Expensive Rent

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Seven Tech Cities with the Least Expensive Rent

In the age of easy travel, work-from-home policies and growing spontaneity, more and more young adults are renting homes instead of buying - despite the clear value of homeownership. As a response, rent prices in large technology hubs (San Francisco, Washington D.C., NYC) have skyrocketed. If you're looking to move to an area with a great technology community plus a rent payment that's easy on the wallet, look no further!



#1: Austin

  • Average 1br rent cost: $1242 (source)
  • Austin's a great place to work - with 21 job openings per every 1,000 adults (one of the highest in the nation -source.)
  • It also happens to be the home of Skills Fund, as well as bootcamps Galvanize and Hack Reactor.

#2: San Antonio

  • Average 1br rent cost: $803 (source)
  • Full of culture and low-cost living, San Antonio is a great destination for young career-changers.
  • Take a look at San Antonio's first coding bootcamp (and a valued Skills Fund partner) Codeup!

#3: Dallas

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#4: Charlotte

  • Average 1br rent cost: $1195 (source)
  • Charlotte is an up-and-coming technology hub - with over 6,000 technology jobs currently available.
  • Charlotte is home to one of The Coder Foundry's campuses.


#5: Cleveland

  • Average 1br rent cost: $825 (source)
  • Cleveland is in the midst of a developer shortage, so bootcamps have stepped up to the plate to offer quick skills training.
  • Check out Tech Elevator or We Can Code IT

#6: Cincinnati



#7: Pittsburgh


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