Setting Self-Preservation Aside to Place Students First

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Setting Self-Preservation Aside to Place Students First

In early March, Skills Fund announced an effort with 15 bootcamps to create a nationally unified set of graduation and job placement standards, via a single, straightforward, and consumer-friendly data table.

In response, more than 45 universities, bootcamps, and employers asked to join the effort. The Council on Integrity in Results Reporting (CIRR) is already up to 31 members — the largest coalition of its kind, ever.

Now with the release of the first set of school outcomes data under these standards, there is an apples-to-apples comparison of student outcomes the first of its kind in higher education. Highlights of the data release include:

  • A 92% median on-time graduation rate, 80% median in-field placement rate, and starting salary of $70,412;
  • CIRR standards work and schools will now advertise simple, straightforward, and transparent placement rates;
  • The quality of the data demonstrates that coding schools are once again innovative leaders in connecting quality of education with professional opportunity.

CIRR-member schools are courageous. They have taken previously reported outcomes data (which was accurate at the time but subject to an individual school's own standards and perceived successful outcomes) and decided to report in a manner that benefits consumers — not their own self-preservation.

By agreeing to only advertise the critical number of full-time, in-field employment, no longer can the practice of marketing caveat-filled 98% placement figures be accepted.

We work with dozens of high-quality schools - including many who are not part of CIRR - who are deeply committed to and deliver strong student outcomes. Skills Fund's due diligence extends well beyond graduation and job placement data to encompass a host of school quality factors.

This battle cry is larger than only bootcamp outcomes reporting. We look forward to a day when every higher education and workforce development program reports and advertises outcomes for all students in the same straightforward, consumer-friendly, single table format.

Together, we can change higher ed to be student first.

Learn more about CIRR here.