Partnership Spotlight: Momentum

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Partnership Spotlight: Momentum

Based in Raleigh and Durham, North Carolina, Momentum offers an immersive full stack web and software development education through their Coding Foundations and Coding Immersive programs. Students move through the course and graduate with the skills and technical knowledge needed to establish a career. Founded by two directors from the pre-existing The Iron Yard bootcamp, Momentum has deep roots in the employer and recruitment network in North Carolina.

The Coding Immersive course mimics a progressional technical environment. For the first two weeks, students learn HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. After learning the fundamentals, students select a specialization: back-end development, or front-end development. The last three weeks of the course are entirely project-based, requiring the student to apply all they learned in previous weeks. The curriculum expands beyond technical skills into soft skills like career development and networking. Prominent developers from the local community will deliver guest lectures, and students will also have opportunities to go on field trips to local software companies.

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For Momentum, eligible students may borrow from $2,000 up to $20,400 for tuition, cost of living, and childcare funds.

Students will make interest-only monthly payments for the first five months. For a $12,900 loan, that interest-only payment is just $25/week! Starting at month six, they'll move into full monthly repayments.

To learn more about Momentum, visit their website. To learn more about the Momentum and Skills Fund partnership, visit our partnership website.