Partner Spotlight: Project Shift


Partner Spotlight: Project Shift

Founded in 2018 in Durham, North Carolina, Project Shift offers a 12-week Fullstack Immersive Software Engineering course. The course is offered four times a year, and the cohorts boast a 1:5 student-instructor ratio. Project Shift matches each student with an individual, experienced mentor who is a local software engineer. Throughout the course, students benefit from networking events, guest lecturers, and hands-on career training. At the end of the three-month program, Project Shift students are geared up to land a career in software engineering.

What will I learn?

Pre-course: Day 1 at Project Shift begins with intermediate/advanced programming concepts. You'll learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript fundamentals, Git/Github, the Command Line and other tools. While in the pre-work stage, accepted students are offered a weekly time to gather with instructors and get pre-work help.

Week 1: Programming Foundations

Week 2: The Web and Networks

Week 3: Design Patterns

Week 4: MV and Node.js

Week 5: Databases and DB Theory

Week 6: React and Redux

Mid-term Hackathon: At this point in the course you'll already be able to build full-stack web applications. You'll partner up with one or two others in your cohort and spend the weekend hacking away your most robust software project to date!

Week 7: Server Side Design

Week 8: Operations Strategies

Week 9: Complexity and Algorithm Design

Week 10: Software Development Workflows

Week 11: Mentor-Guided Projects

Hackathon 2: This hackathon will be the start of your capstone project and will springboard you into an MVC.

Week 12: Capstone Projects and Electives: Though you have many repos in your github, you'll have an entire week+ to build one final, tested, deployed beautiful piece of software that you'll show the world.

Demo Night: Project Shift will invite the who's who of the RDU tech scene to come watch you pitch your final projects while you network with potential employers over drinks.

Career Assistant: From here on out, you're a part of the Project Shift Alumni Network, where you'll be provided career assistance after graduation.

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Skills Fund is proud to partner with Project Shift to offer fixed-rate financing for their immersive bootcamp. Students may borrow from $2,000 up to $16,900 for tuition. While in program and for a two month grace period, students will make low, interest-only payments. Afterwards, full repayment (interest + principal) will begin.

To learn more about Project Shift's bootcamp and curriculum, visit their website.

To learn more about how to pay for your Project Shift program with Skills Fund, visit our partnership website.

Originally published April 24, 2018. Updated November 1, 2019.