Partner Spotlight: North American Lineman Training Center

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Partner Spotlight: North American Lineman Training Center

Based in McEwen, Tennessee, North American Lineman Training Center (NALTC) offers a Pre-Apprentice Line-Worker program that skills students up to become professionally-trained linemen in just 15 weeks. The program ensures that each student has the working knowledge through classroom, lab & field work, and job-readiness preparation.

With its first class in the fall of 2008, NALTC’s Pre-Apprentice Line-Worker Program is designed to provide quality education along with real-world, hands-on instruction to those seeking to be trained for a career as an electrical line worker.

The curriculum is around 30% classroom work and 70% fieldwork. Upon completion of the program, students receive a diploma and are ready to apply or be recruited for an Apprentice Lineman position.


Begin Your Career Ahead of Your Competitors: The training doesn't stop at just fieldwork. NALTC graduates are equipped with job-readiness skills and are ready to take on the job selection and interview process.

Learn From The Best: NALTC instructors have hands-on experience in the trade and have worked throughout numerous geographical regions and through many of the hurricanes, snow storms and natural disasters in the United States.

Opportunities At Your Fingertips: Instructor's connections with leaders of the trade give the students at NALTC an upper hand. Upon graduation, NALTC provides its graduates with a list of electrical companies and unions. Throughout the course, employers are given the opportunity to visit the campus and recruit students.

Skills Fund & NALTC: A Partnership to Put Students First

NALTC students may borrow from $2,000 up to $11,730 for tuition and supplemental costs. For the first five months of the loan, students will make low interest-only payments. Starting at month six, full repayment begins.

To calculate your monthly payments amount and learn more about Skills Fund financing, visit our partnership site.

To learn more about NALTC's career-changing program, visit their website.