Partner Spotlight: Inventive Academy

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Partner Spotlight: Inventive Academy

Based in Austin, Texas and online, Inventive is a full service consulting and training company specializing in custom application development, software and team auditing, legacy and cloud migrations, IT Strategy, web and mobile development, continuous integration/continuous delivery, corporate training and full stack development bootcamps for people who want to learn to code and become software engineers. Inventive's pilot Full Stack Development Bootcamp, Inventive Academy, is making its debut on October 15th.


Inventive Academy's curriculum takes an iterative approach, where students are taught the basics of a language or concept to apply to a simple process. Afterwards, as the group dives deeper into more advanced topics, the previously-learned skills are brought back into the lesson so that they build over time.


Learning how to learn: Inventive Academy teaches the fundamentals that are less likely to change and how to get up to speed on topics quickly. Since technology is changing quickly every day, it is more important to be adaptable to a constantly-changing landscape rather than drilling down and becoming an expert in only one language.

Experienced instructors only: The instructors have been embedded in the industry, working at small startups and large enterprises alike.

Soft-skills as a first class topic: Every class is full of soft-skills, because learning how to plan your career, navigate the industry, and grow your brand is just as important as being a great programmer.

Skills Fund and Inventive Academy: A Partnership Built Around Your Success

Inventive Academy and Skills Fund have teamed up to offer up to full tuition financing for eligible in-person and online students. Students begin making affordable monthly payments one month after your loan is disbursed, and can pay off their loan at any time with no penalty.

To learn more about our partnership, visit our partnership website.

To learn more about Inventive Academy's life-changing programs, visit their website.