Partner Spotlight: Insight Data Science

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Partner Spotlight: Insight

Insight’s full-time fellowship programs are designed to train students to become top data scientists in high-demand positions. In 7 short weeks, Insight Fellows learn the skills they need to begin a career in data science, data engineering, health data science, artificial intelligence, or data product management.

Fellows can attend in-person programs in the San Francisco Bay Area, New York City, Boston, Seattle, and Toronto – or they have the option to apply to certain remote programs. Insight provides hands-on, project-based training and connects Fellows to highly-skilled mentors and peers in preparation for their new career.


1. Courses are project-based: Insight Fellows skill up quickly by completing in-depth projects at the industry level. Many of these projects solve real-world challenges at companies that partner with Insight.

2. Mentors are included: Every Fellow receives regular mentorship from alumni who are now professionals in the industry.

3. Fellows are ready for interviews: By the time an Insight Fellow reaches the end of their program, they’ve prepared an impressive project and presentation and have the opportunity to interview with top companies in their field.


In this course, Fellows start by learning the basics of data science and quickly begin building real-world data solutions. Insight has helped over 650 Fellows from over 110 universities transition to a career in data science. Fellows can complete the Data Science Program remotely or in person – all under the guidance of top industry data scientists.

Technologies: Python, Git, Flask, Javascript, MySQL, Hadoop, Hive, NumPy & SciPy, Pandas, scikit-learn, R, D3 Javascript library


Insight offers self-directed data engineering training in Boston, New York, Silicon Valley, and Seattle. Fellows enter the program with software development skills and progress through project-based training with leaders in the industry. Skilled data engineers are in short supply, so Insight’s 7-week project-based training program helps Fellows quickly gain the skills, experience, and connections needed to succeed in the industry.

Technologies: Hadoop, Spark, Kafka


Insight’s Health Data Science Program connects Fellows with a background in academic research to a career in health data science. The program is hands-on and prepares Fellows to solve real-world data challenges in the healthcare industry. PhDs, MDs, and postdocs who complete Insight’s Health Data Science Program are provided with the experience necessary to be immediately productive as a health data scientist.


Fellows typically enter this program with experience in academic research or professional software engineering – though applicants from all backgrounds will be considered – and leave ready for a career in AI. During the program, Fellows learn by building. They contribute to open source AI projects, build AI systems, and connect with industry leaders in Silicon Valley, New York, and Toronto. As part of their training, Fellows will build a project in an area that interests them, scale it to incorporate larger data and edge cases, and present their project to relevant companies.


Insight’s Data Product Management Program in Palo Alto prepares Fellows for a career building products in machine learning, data infrastructure, and analytics. As part of this program, Fellows with existing product management expertise and data fundamentals learn by experience – each fellow will go through the process of building a team and launching a new product or feature.


To remove barriers to education, Insight and Skills Fund have partnered up to allow eligible students to make affordable monthly payments towards their cost of living during the program. Insight programs are provided tuition-free to all Fellows, and Skills Fund helps Fellows finance up to $5K in cost of living expenses while they complete training. Fellows will begin making full payments (interest + principal) one month after a cost of living loan is disbursed.

To learn more about Skills Fund’s cost of living financing for Insight programs, click here.

To learn more about Insight’s programs, visit their website.