Partner Spotlight: CareerFoundry

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Partner Spotlight: CareerFoundry

Today we're excited to announce our newest partnership with CareerFoundry. Every day, students from around the world log in online and learn new skills in UX Design, UI Design, Web Development, and iOS Development at their own pace. With graduates working at companies like Google, Apple, and Ebay, CareerFoundry is a one-stop-shop for a new and transformative career - no matter where you are. CareerFoundry has teamed up with Skills Fund to offer no-hassle financing for all of their courses.

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The UX Design Course consists of four sections: fundamentals, immersion, specialization, and job preparation. With curriculum created by leading UX designers, this course is a fast-track to learning and perfecting your UX Design skills, ultimately helping you to land a new career.

The UI Design Course walks you through six "achievements", from recreating an existing interface through sketching our, designing, and completing your own hand-made application.

The Web Development Course also walks you through six achievements. You'll start by building your own responsive website with HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap. At the end of the program, you'll have a brand new production-ready web application.

In the iOS Development Course, you'll dive head-first into creating an iOS application. Afterwards, you'll move into creating adaptive layouts, data persistence, networking, and eventually launching the app.

After your achievements, you have the option to participate in a Job Preparation Course which will gear you up for your post-program job search.

Every CareerFoundry course comes with the added benefit of a 1-on-1 mentor who will help guide you through your journey and double-check every project you participate in.

Additionally, no matter what CareerFoundry program you choose, you get their Job Guarantee: If you don't get a job within 6 months of graduating, they'll refund you the cost of the course.

CareerFoundry has teamed up with Skills Fund to offer an easy-to-use and transparent financing solution.

Applying for Skills Fund financing takes less than ten minutes - and it's as simple as can be: students can view their interest rate and general APR right on our partnership website. Experience ultimate clarity in loan terms by calculating your monthly payment before even applying.

To learn more about CareerFoundry's courses, visit their website.

To explore Skills Fund financing for CareerFoundry, visit our partnership website.