Partner Spotlight: Burlington Code Academy

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Partner Spotlight: Burlington Code Academy

Headquartered in Burlington, Vermont, Burlington Code Academy is an immersive, full-time program that skills students up to become web developers in 12 short weeks.


Burlington Code Academy's Web Developer Bootcamp teaches students how to code in multiple languages and frameworks, preparing them to work in a real development environment. Additionally, the school provides students with career support throughout their journey.

In-Demand Skills: Learn the programming languages of tomorrow, not yesterday. The curriculum is tailored to the hiring needs of cutting-edge companies.

One-on-one Mentoring: The school pays attention to individual needs and different learning styles. Your success in the course will be assisted by the team of experience developers and industry experts.

Project Learning: You'll beef up your portfolio with real-world, individual and team-based projects.

Network Opportunities: Take advantage of the Burlington Code Academy network with long-lasting connections.


There are three modules in the program. In the first 8 weeks, students take a deep-dive into front-end and back-end programming using JavaScript. In the last 4 weeks, you'll focus on building your featured project.

Module 1: The building blocks of programming + web design, user experience, and front-end development.

Module 2: The middle of the course will teach you the software development concepts and practices used in the industry.

Module 3: The last few weeks of the course will be dedicated to building your final projects. This work will simulate a real dev environment.

Skills Fund and Burlington Code Academy: Your Future, First

Eligible Burlington Code Academy students may finance the cost of their tuition with an interest-only loan. Make low interest-only payments for the first 5 months, then make full repayments starting at month 6. To learn more about our partnership, visit our partnership website!