Partner Spotlight: ADAPT

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Partner Spotlight: ADAPT

The Academy of Dental Assisting and Professional Training (ADAPT) based in Cincinnati, Ohio offers a 10-week part-time, on-campus program called "Mastering the Basics" which skills up students to become dental assistants in just ten weeks.

ADAPT'S Mission: To provide the most accurate training in a low stress environment. You will receive hands-on experience in one of Cincinnati’s most reputable and high-tech dental practices. While the course relies heavily on student participation, we pride ourselves on delivering excellent, one on one clinical experience. Our interactive curriculum includes video presentation, in-class engagement, as well as the best available print resources. In-class hours will be focused on real life, hands on experience, and a deep understanding of why we do what we do.

Dental Assisting employment rates are projected to increase nationally by 31% through 2020 (source).

ADAPT Dental Assistant graduates receive practical hands-on training in dental, charting, dental terminology, four-handed dentistry, patient records, patient education, and more. Learn about the program by visiting the ADAPT website.

Skills Fund and ADAPT: A Partnership Designed with Students In Mind

Eligible students may borrow up to full tuition for ADAPT's Mastering the Basics program. You will start making monthly payments roughly one month after your loan is disbursed to the school. For a 60-month full-tuition loan, the monthly payment is just $71 a month.