Part-Time and Online Program Loans: An Overview

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Part-Time and Online Program Loans: An Overview

Skills Fund is committed to providing our partners with useful information about our lending programs. We've decided to provide our community with a collection of resources that will help bridge the gaps and eliminate complications.

Immersive programs are the bread and butter of Skills Fund's partnerships, and the majority of our partner programs are full-time and on-campus. Part-time and online programs expand the number of students that have the opportunity to gain an outcomes-based transformative education. Skills Fund seeks to accommodate the needs of every student, so we offer different types of loans to accompany every type of program.

part time programs

Students attending part-time or online programs typically receive an Immediate Repayment or Non-Deferred loan. "Deferred" means "delayed" or "postponed" - so taking out a non-deferred loan means that the student starts making payments immediately. Non-deferred loans are usually used for part-time or remote programs since those students are often still employed and have a positive income stream.

  • On the second Wednesday after the program start date, the tuition is deposited directly to the school. At this point, the student has already paid the school any deposit fee.
  • The student creates an account at to manage payments and account balance.
  • For single-disbursement schools: Funds will be sent to you on the second Wednesday after your program starts.
  • For multiple-disbursement schools: Funds will be sent to you in accordance with your school's disbursement schedule.
  • Please check your school's partnership website for details or contact CustomerTrust@Skills.Fund.

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