Online vs. In-Person Bootcamps: Compare & Contrast

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Online vs. In-Person Bootcamps: Compare & Contrast

You've taken the first step to transforming your future by attending a bootcamp, but now you need to decide HOW you want to learn. One of the best benefits of modern-day education is flexibility: You can attend an in-person, on-campus bootcamp, or you can get your education online from the convenience of your home with either a self-paced or structured online program. Both methods of learning have their own merits and produce great results. The easiest way to select which program type to attend is to weigh the pros and cons to see which format is best for you.

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In-Person Bootcamp Benefits:

  • Separation of Work & Play: When you walk into a classroom, you reset. Your body and your brain know that you’re about to learn.
  • Immediate Feedback: Your instructor is present and available for questions.

In-Person Education Limitations:

  • Location Limitations: You're required to be in the classroom for a set number of hours.
  • Time Constraints: In-person programs are fully immersive and require the same amount of attention as full-time employment. It's likely that you will need to quit your job.
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Online Education Benefits:

  • (Sometimes) Self-Paced: In self-paced online programs, your schedule dictates the speed at which you learn. There are also structured online programs that have set timelines and deadlines, much like an in-person program.
  • Archives: You can save and revisit curriculum.
  • Working Flexibility: Your life outside of school matters, and your online education embraces that.
  • Geographic Availability: Get a top-notch education, even if you're not in a populous metro area like San Francisco or New York City.

Online Education Limitations:

  • Lack of Immediate Feedback: Interactive element between the instructor and the student might not be present in some programs - for example, you submit assignments and then wait for feedback. (More often than not, however, instructors are readily available via chat.)
  • Distractions: With no location control, you might be distracted by outside factors.
  • Different Learning Style: For someone who is used to in-person mentorship and learning, an online format might be really out of their comfort zone.

Higher learning programs and institutions recognize the value of both educational formats. You’ll find that a lot of courses are offered in both online and on-campus formats in an effort to accommodate every type of learner. More recently, “hybrids” of the two formats have appeared: Learn on your own at home for three weeks and then come into the classroom for the remaining nine.

It's helpful to keep in mind that both online and in-person bootcamps are credible and serve as a jump-start to a transformative career. Skills Fund is excited to partner with the best online bootcamp programs available: Bloc, Thinkful, Flatiron School, Launch Academy, Hack Reactor, and The Software Guild.

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Skills Fund is here to help you find a bootcamp that not only fits your learning style, but will deliver a return on your education (RoE). We don’t partner with or endorse bootcamps that won’t give you the results that you deserve. We have a set of guidelines and criteria that each bootcamp has to meet, prior to any partnership. Learn more about our mission here.