New Partner Alert: LearningFuze

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New Partner Alert: LearningFuze

Attention, Orange County! LearningFuze is the newest bootcamp to join the Skills Fund family. We're on a mission to connect as many students as possible with a Return on their Education. We're more than excited to announce that we've teamed up with LearningFuze to provide tuition and cost of living financing for their full-immersion bootcamp in Irvine, California. Students dive heavily into Javascript in the first half of the program and then move on to more advanced concepts in the second half. By the end of the program, students are job-ready and prepped to jump into a transformative career as a web developer!

Learning Fuze’s program educates students about the most important programming languages and concepts. The 12-week bootcamp is a full stack offering that teaches students both front- and back-end development through HTML, CSS, JavaScript, GitHub, React, Node.js, PHP and MySQL/MariaDB.


LearningFuze’s career program is top-notch. They’ll help you recognize your skills and find out where you’re the most proficient to help you find a career you’ll thrive in. Not to mention, they have relationships with employers in one of the largest tech hubs in the United States: The Los Angeles/Orange County area.

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For the Full-Immersion bootcamp, we’ve teamed up with LearningFuze to lend their students from $2,000 up to maximum tuition cost. In addition, students can benefit from cost of living financing during the program. For all programs, the loan is interest-only, which means that students make interest-only payments while in the program and for two months after completion. Full payments (interest + principal) kick in after the two-month job search grace period.