New Partner Alert: Evolve Security Academy

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New Partner Alert: Evolve Security Academy

Look out, Chicago! Skills Fund's newest partner, Evolve Security Academy, offers a 17-week in-person bootcamp dedicated to advancing students careers into the cybersecurity world. Skills Fund now offers fixed-rate, clear-cut loans for Evolve Security Academy's tuition and additional cost of living while in the program. Together, we're empowering as many students as possible with a transformative skills-based training.

Over the course of 12 modules, students learn a breadth of skills from networking to people/social engineering to job search prep. In Evolve Security Academy's hands-on Cybersecurity Program, students gain experience while working with not-for-profit companies, performing live security assessments. Evolve Security Academy is teamed up with multiple FORTUNE 500 companies in job placement initiatives.

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Skills Fund: The Hakuna to your Matata.

We've teamed up with Evolve Security Academy to offer tuition and cost of living financing for the full-time Cybersecurity Program. Students may borrow from $2,000 up to $13,000, over the course of 3- or 5-year loans. For Evolve Security Academy, the loan is Interest-Only, which means that students make interest-only payments while in the program and for two months following program tuition. After that time, students begin making full (interest+principal) repayments.