New Partner Alert: DeltaV Code School

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New Partner Alert: DeltaV Code School

Our newest partner, DeltaV Code School, offers a breadth of beginner-to-advanced curriculum centered around software development. In partnership with programming from Code Fellows, students may take one, two or three “codes” – ranging from one day courses up to 18 week programs. Courses take place at their Cedar Rapids, Iowa campus, in an awesome building which also includes a virtual reality and prototyping lab.

DeltaV Code School focuses on project-based learning, so students often find themselves paired up or in a collaborative group. Behind the scenes of DeltaV is a nonprofit organization called NewBoCo, a startup accelerator that is focused on recognizing the state of Iowa as a booming technology hub.

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DeltaV’s 101 and 102 programs are one- and two-day introduction courses designed to help potential students get an understanding of what a career in software development entails.

The 201 course dives into the foundations of web development – HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

The 301 course explores intermediate software development, where you’ll see your code come to life through web applications.

The 401 course focuses on advanced software development and Full Stack Javascript. The course is built to excel you into a career, so you’ll find career development and job search assistance integrated into the curriculum.

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Skills Fund

Skills Fund: The Robin to your Batman.

For the 201, 301, 401, and combination program bundles we’ve teamed up with DeltaV Code School to lend their students from $2,000 up to maximum tuition cost. In addition, students can benefit from cost of living financing during the program. For all programs, the loan is interest-only, which means that students make interest-only payments while in the program and for three months after completion. Full payments (interest + principal) kick in after the three-month job search grace period.