New Partner Alert: Code Fellows PDX

CodeFellows PDX Partnership

New Partner Alert: Code Fellows PDX

CodeFellows PDX's courses are designed to jumpstart students of all skill levels into a coding career they'll love. Located in Portland, Oregon, students can choose between three courses - 201, 301, and 401 - and may attend any combination of the courses as well.

As they are based out of Portland, which is a thriving technology capital, CodeFellows PDX's Career Development program is the best of the best. The CodeFellows PDX team goes go beyond the bootcamp to teach students real-life, tangible personal skills to accelerate them into great careers.

Program Overview

CodeFellows PDX's 101 and 102 programs are optional one-day courses designed to help students understand the basics of coding and test the waters- is a bootcamp right for you?

The 201 course is immersive and intensive. Students gain beginner development skills, in combination with the 301 course.

The 301 course explores intermediate software development, where you’ll see your code come to life through web applications. After graduation, students are prepared to move into the 401 advanced course.

The 401 course focuses on advanced software development and FullStack Javascript. After attending this course, students have advanced development and coding skills - so they'll be more ready than ever to dive into a technology career.

CodeFellows PDX Financing Overview
Skills Fund

Skills Fund: The Simon to your Garfunkel.

For the 201, 301, 401, and combination program bundles we’ve teamed up with CodeFellows PDX to lend their students from $2,000 up to maximum tuition cost. In addition, students can benefit from cost of living financing during the 201 + 301 + 401 program bundle. For all programs, the loan is interest-only, which means that students make interest-only payments while in the program and for two months after completion. Full payments (interest + principal) kick in after the two-month job search grace period.