New Partner Alert: Bottega

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New Partner Alert: Bottega

Utah and Online-based bootcamp Bottega offers full- and part-time web development programs. Since the program began, each Bottega cohort has graduated equipped with the skills to become web developers and software developers. Bottega's course can be taken full or part- time, at their campus in Lehi, Utah or fully online.

Bottega's Full Time program runs for 600 hours over the course of 12 weeks. The program offers a strong foundation in Computer Science, which is equivalent to 15 credits towards a Computer Science degree with any of the Universities partnered with Bottega.

Bottega's Part-Time program can be taken in one of three ways: Remotely via live streaming from 9:00am until 5:00pm, self-paced with a tutor, or self-paced independent study.

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Skills Fund: The Hip to your Hop.

We only partner with the best bootcamps in the United States, and Bottega is no exception. We've teamed up with them to offer low, clear-cut financing for their Full Time Bootcamp. For the Full-Time program, the loans are Interest-Only, which means that students make interest-only payments while in-program and for a two month grace period after program graduation. After that, students begin making full (interest+principal) payments. For the Part-Time program, students begin making full (interest+principal) payments 30 days after program start.