New Bootcamp Partner Spotlight: Ironhack


New Bootcamp Partner Spotlight: Ironhack

We're extending a big welcome to Ironhack, the latest Skills Fund partner bootcamp!

The first web development and mobile bootcamp established in Spain, Ironhack recently opened their inaugural U.S.-based campus in Miami. All students at the Miami campus are now eligible for Skills Fund financing.

The faculty at Ironhack are big advocates of the bootcamp format, believing it to be the best path to launch a career as a junior developer. The school uses a disruptive education model to teach Ruby, Rails, Javascript, HTML, and CSS, and offers both full-time and part-time courses.

Students can expect a very personal approach to learning software development at Ironhack, thanks to the school's low instructor-to-student ratio. The curriculum emphasizes hands-on collaboration, encouraging students to work together and team up for certain projects.

Ironhack offers many opportunities for students to connect with employers and build a job-ready portfolio. The students complete a final project under the supervision of industry experts, and the school hosts a hiring week at the end of the course where students can meet and interview with companies. Ironhack also encourages students to build their digital presence throughout the program, helping to ensure that every graduate is well prepared for his or her job search.

Learn more about Ironhack here, and start funding your education here.

Ironhack At a Glance:

  • Location: Miami
  • Length of Program: 8 weeks
  • Typical Cohort Size: 18 students
  • Skills Taught: Ruby, Rails, Javascript, HTML, CSS