Language Spotlight: Python

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Language Spotlight: Python

Every day, we interact with technology that uses code. When you press a letter on your keyboard, or push "dial" on a telephone, there is a computer inside of the device that works to display what you see or produce what you hear.

What is Python?

The complicated version: Python is a programming language that supports multiple programming paradigms and libraries. It was built to emphasis command readability and simple code blocks.

The simple version: Python is a programming language that is built to be simple, easy-to-read, and highly functional. Python is used for many different simple tasks.

When installed, Python comes with a standard library that contains many functions which can be used in lots of different tasks.

For example: Python is great at integrating two separate functions. It’s used to pull data from systems, or input information into databases. Python is used in back-end web development because it integrates well with databases and other languages.

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why is it called python?

This is a fun fact! Guido van Rossum, the creator of Python, took the name from “Monty Python’s Flying Circus,” a BBC comedy television series from the 1970s.

what can you make with python?

Because it has so many readily available libraries, Python can be used to make a lot of different things. Most notably, Python is used in web development, game programming, and integration software. Python is not often used in desktop applications and tasks that require a lot of computing.

who uses python?

Python is used by web developers, data scientists, and software developers.

what do i need to learn python?

Python is often seen as the best first coding language for students to learn. Because it’s designed to be read easily, it’s also designed to be taught easily! The best way to learn Python is through an accelerated learning program. There, you’ll be immersed in a quick education that prepares you to get a career as a web developer or software developer.


Through an immersive education, of course! A number of our bootcamp partners focus primarily on Python. Jump into a program today and you'll become a software developer in no time!

Depending on the immersive program you select, chances are you will learn either Python or Javascript as your first language (aside from CSS and HTML). Some programs include Python amongst several other languages (such as Java, Ruby, or C#) - and other programs focus just on Python for the entire length of the course.

So you're probably asking yourself: Which program is right for me?

Answer: It all depends!

Look at geography: No matter where you are in the country, you can benefit from an immersive bootcamp education through an online program. There are in-person programs in almost every state. View our list of bootcamps by location to see if there's one near your doorstep!

Look at culture: Just as you'd be hesitant to attend a college without touring the campus - you need to visit your bootcamp space before committing to it (even if it's through a virtual info session).

Look at outcomes: Ask the school if they have reported their student outcomes. You wouldn't want to spend 12 weeks in a program that won't prepare you for your future. The great thing about Skills Fund: We've done this for you. All of our partners have been through our vetting process to make sure they're worthy of your time and money.


Python is the number one language used by Data Scientists. We partner with several bootcamps with programs dedicated to learning the ins-and-outs of this new and innovative career. Browse our data science bootcamps & pick one out for yourself!


Originally published May 24, 2017.