Introducing PDX Code Guild: Skills Fund's Newest Partner


Introducing PDX Code Guild: Skills Fund's Newest Partner

Skills Fund is proud to partner with only the best bootcamps - and PDX Code Guild is no exception. We're excited to announce that we're now partnered with Portland-based PDX Code Guild to offer tuition and living expense financing for their immersive programs.

PDX Code Guild offers a Developer Bootcamp as both a 12-week full-time day program and a 16-week part-time evening program. Their Advanced JavaScript bootcamp runs for 11 weeks, and their Data Science bootcamp runs for 20 weeks. Prospective students have the opportunity to take advantage of both diversity scholarships and alumni discounts.


  • Developer Full-Time Day:12 weeks
  • Developer Part-Time Evening: 16 weeks
  • Advanced Javascript: 11 weeks
  • Data Science: 20 weeks
Program Cost.png


  • Developer Full-Time Day: $8,000
  • Developer Part-Time Evening: $8,000
  • Advanced Javascript: $4,200
  • Data Science: $8,273


  • Web Development
  • Advanced JavaScript
  • Data Science


  • Web Developer
  • Data Scientist
  • Software Engineer

Unlike a lot of other bootcamp programs, PDX Code Guild begins their curriculum in Python, and then moves into JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS3. Their courses combine individual projects and group study. All programs culminate in a fully-developed final project showcased during the last week. After the bootcamp, graduates are fully equipped to become developers and data scientists!