Full-Immersion Web Development at LearningFuze

The modern web as we know it is built on JavaScript. From user interactions on websites to database integration on the backend, the programming language continues to rise in popularity. With this in mind, LearningFuze offers its students a choice of a full-time, 12-week immersive web development bootcamp or a part-time, comprehensive program with tracks in front-end, back-end, or full-stack. Billy Kim is a recent graduate of LearningFuze that was hired as a Full Stack Web Developer at Naked Development. We checked in with Billy to get his thoughts on the LearningFuze experience and how it helped land him a gig as a developer.


Why did you decide to go to a bootcamp?

I began growing an interest in web development as I had been working in the non-profit sector for almost a decade. I was constantly put on teams to implement new web technologies into our systems. After years of helping design websites, initiating online giving, and researching into client tracking software, I wanted to get to the next level by going to a bootcamp where I could learn to build real apps at an accelerated pace with other like-minded peers.

What made you choose LearningFuze?

I chose LearningFuze because I could see the passion that the staff had towards being excellent in their craft and their dedication to the students’ success. I initially attended an info session where I had a chance to speak with Dan (lead instructor) and saw that he was a teacher in the truest sense. This won me over and found that it wasn’t just Dan, but the entire staff who put their hearts into our success.

What was the job search process like and how did LearningFuze help you?

The job search was headlined by a portfolio process where students were encouraged to put our best projects forward so that we could present to prospective employers. The staff were quick to provide assistance through mock interviews, portfolio assistance, and coaching on how to talk through the entire process with employers.

How has your life changed since attending LearningFuze?

LearningFuze has added more value to my career path and journey not only in passing on the necessary skills to enter the realm of web development, but in introducing me to a great community of people who have the passion and devotion to help newcomers like me. I’m grateful for the great mentors and friends I’ve met through LearningFuze!

What advice would you give to someone who is considering a bootcamp?

Attending a bootcamp requires a lot of grit — I recall having a conversation with a friend who had graduated from a bootcamp telling me, “Once you start, don’t look back.” In retrospect, it was that attitude of wanting to push forward that grew in me a passion to not just be a better developer, but a more focused individual. My hope is that any prospective applicant would see the journey of growing to be a better person as one of the great rewards of going through a bootcamp.


In case you still aren't sure if coding is for you, LearningFuze put together a one-page resource to illustrate current trends in the industry. Skills Fund teamed up to provide tuition and cost of living loans to LearningFuze students. Learn more about how LearningFuze prepares their students for a career in web development by checking out their website and finding a program that works for you.

Originally Published 9/4/2019