Caitlin Farewell

From Skills Fund to Coding Dojo: Caitlin's Story

All Skills Fund team members believe in the power of a transformative education, the effectiveness of our partner programs, and the outcomes for each and every student. Being a Skills Funder is not just being an employee - you're part of a team and culture that is constantly working to improve both professionally and personally. There's no better marriage than that of our professional development opportunities and our life-changing partner schools. Our Operations Associate, Caitlin, recently embarked on a journey to Seattle to attend Coding Dojo's full-time Web Development course in July. We sat down with her and got the scoop on what she's looking forward to!

Caitlin is no stranger to a hands-on, fast-paced environment like a bootcamp. Prior to joining Skills Fund (as employee #8!) she worked for a congressional campaign in Arizona. Thinking outside of the box, she was able to find ways to operationally enhance all aspects of the canvassing - from donor collections, to intern recruitment.

Caitlin is ready to hit the ground running in Seattle to see what kind of future her upcoming education will bring. Let's hear what she has to say about her upcoming journey!

What made you pick Coding Dojo?

Throughout my time at Skills Fund, I've been witness to how successful of a program Coding Dojo is. Skills Fund loves working with Coding Dojo and has a great professional working relationship with the school - so I can only imagine that the teaching relationship is just as wonderful.

I picked Seattle, Washington because I'm looking to leave Austin during the hot summer months, and it seems like a great alternative city to explore!

What was the application process like?

I answered several questions about coding, my work ethic, and how I approach problems. There was a mix of both tactical and abstract questions. Next up, I had a phone call with an Admissions Counselor. They were helpful and made things accessible to me in terms of housing, parking, and other details about the program.

After I was accepted, I got a series of emails about the next steps to enrollment. I was able to receive a discount on my tuition due to their early registration promotion. Skills Fund sent me a series of emails that outlined how I can utilize financing to pay for my tuition!

Details around the Coding Dojo admissions process can be found within their course packets for each individual course. 1) Onsite course packet 2) Online course packet

What are you most looking forward to about attending Coding Dojo?

I took several coding classes during college, and I've integrated coding into some of my post-college career, but there's a gap in my knowledge. I'm eager to fill that gap with a fast and professional education.

Where do you want to be after the bootcamp? What do you want your career to look like?

I want to be a coder! I want to be a female voice in the rooms of STEM - where the gender gap is real.

In terms of my career, I want to wind up somewhere in the tech industry. I love problem-solving, so anywhere I can use that skill.

What are you looking forward to about Seattle?

The summer weather (bye bye, heat!)

I will enjoy not having to worry about getting too sunburnt. I'm excited about the coffee, the mountains, and the green landscapes.

What are you going to miss about Austin?

The lake, breakfast tacos, lunch tacos, dinner tacos, and all my friends and colleagues.

What are you going to miss the most about Skills Fund?

The people. It's such a collaborative, innovative company that is so open to transparency and dedicated to it's mission. It's been exhilarating to see the company grow in the year and a half that I've been here. It's an adaptable, incredibly smart, and tactile company, all at the same time. Skills Fund has the unique ability to think far ahead to the future, while still accounting for all the things in a startup that can throw you off track.

We'll miss you, Caitlin! Thank you for everything that you brought to Skills Fund. We're looking forward to following your Coding Dojo journey!

Coding Dojo is one of Skills Fund's partner programs. We've teamed up to remove all barriers to financing tuition and cost of living for both the onsite and online programs.

Just like Skills Fund is working to bridge the gap between students and their education, Coding Dojo is working to empower all their students to gain the skills they need to become superstar developers through a time-tested curriculum, career services, and unmatched support and services.

To learn more about Coding Dojo, visit their website.

To learn more about the Coding Dojo and Skills Fund partnership, visit our partnership website.