Bootcamp Grad Spotlight: Beth Qiang of Fullstack Academy (Part Two)

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Bootcamp Grad Spotlight: Beth Qiang of Fullstack Academy (Part Two)

Beth Qiang, Fullstack Academy alumnus, first learned how to program while she was working as a data analytics consultant. But, after attending a Python conference in the summer of 2016, Beth instantly recognized her calling to become a Software Engineer.

Part Two: Learn more about Beth's bootcamp research and what financing options she chose.

This Q&A is part two of a series of three. Follow Beth's decision to attend a Fullstack Academy's prestigious bootcamp program in part one. Learn more about what she does now, and how she got there, in part three. Want to stay in the loop on future series? Follow us on Facebook today.

Beth joined Fullstack Academy's inaugural Remote Immersive cohort in September of 2016. The 17-week online software engineering program ran until February 2017.

Following program completion, Beth landed an awesome job as a full-time Full-Stack Developer. Aside from being hilarious, and so fun to work with, Beth is well on her way to changing the world through code.

Fullstack Academy is Skills Fund's newest bootcamp partner. They offer a 13-week Software Engineering Immersive program and a 28-week Flex Part-Time Immersive program in both their NYC and Chicago campuses. Students all over the country can take advantage of their Remote Immersive option over 17 weeks. Fullstack Academy provides an education that equips everyone with the skills to become superstar software engineers or software developers.


Beth: "I used literally anything I could get my hands on. (I’m the kind of person who makes pro and con lists about things like what patio furniture I want to buy, let alone a relatively big life decision!) These included Reddit, Course Report, Quora, Switch Up, news articles, and blogs (whether by current students, former students, or bootcamp websites). I also made it a point to talk to current students, alumni and people who worked for the program about their experiences, which was enormously helpful in getting to know what day-to-day life would be like, what students end up learning and gaining, what the program chose to teach and focus on, and what the career services were like."


Beth: "I received a scholarship from Fullstack, as well as a few other programs I had applied to. I wasn’t willing (or, quite honestly, able) to afford $15k+ in tuition alone, never mind living expenses and lost salary too. I took out a loan in addition to my savings, to ensure that I’d be able to live comfortably throughout the program and for a few months afterwards while searching for a job."

A lot of our bootcamp partners offer both merit- and need-based scholarships. Ask your admissions advisor: they're there to help. When it comes to financing, always weigh your options. You want to be able to afford your tuition and live comfortably at the same time.

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