Bloc // Skills Fund: A Partnership to Empower Students

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Bloc // Skills Fund: A Partnership to Empower Students

Bloc & Skills Fund believe the power of a transformational, outcomes-based education should be available to students from coast-to-coast. Today, we're announcing a powerful new initiative to offer low monthly payment loans towards tuition for the Software Developer, Web Developer, and Designer tracks.

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Skills Fund's mission is to provide as many students as possible with the tools necessary to get an outcomes-based education. Just as Bloc is revolutionizing the online education space, Skills Fund is revolutionizing the way students access and understand financing.

The Access Loan

We're proud to introduce Access Loans into our partnership with Bloc. Now, students traditionally denied from financing may be given the opportunity to move forward with an Access Loan. To learn more about qualifications for this program, reach out to a Bloc Student Advisor.

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Learn more about Skills Fund & Bloc's partnership here.