Accessing the Tech Industry: The Breaking Into Startups Podcast

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Accessing the Tech Industry: The Breaking Into Startups Podcast

Breaking Into Startups is committed to helping underrepresented populations access and succeed in the tech industry. In a recent podcast episode, the team featured Skills Fund's CEO, Rick O'Donnell. Rick shared his thoughts on career transitions, education financing, and outcomes-driven higher education – check out the episode below!

#105: Rick O'Donnell - CEO of Skills Fund, Providing Financing to Coding Bootcamp Students

Rick O’Donnell is the Founder and CEO of Skills Fund, a place that provides people with an opportunity to acquire skills and they also provide financing for students as they're doing a career transition.

Prior to Skills Fund, Rick worked as an Executive Director for the Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies as well as the Director for the Department of Higher Education where he oversaw 29 public colleges and universities in Colorado. Since its founding in 2015, Skills Fund has provided over $100 million in students loans.

Today, Rick talks about how you should be thinking about your career transition and how you can afford it as well.

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