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Skills Fund takes our informal motto very seriously: “We partner with schools worth your time and money.” Skills Fund believes that a student’s personal and financial investment in higher ed should lead to a real “Return on Education.”

“Return on Education” is a term we’ve adapted from “Return on Investment”. When a student invests his or her time and money in a program, we want to equate the skills obtained in program with a real return.

We take a new approach to evaluating schools, doing our due diligence both on the programs and the outcomes those programs produce. Skills Fund calls this review process “ROE Review”: we assess the cost of attending a program, the outcomes for that program, and attempt to determine whether the cost of attending a skills training could exceed the expected employment and financial opportunity following program completion. If we do not believe the potential opportunities could exceed the costs, we won’t work with the school or program.

We know that outcomes matter, greatly, to students considering attending a skills-based educational program, and outcomes are equally significant to Skills Fund. Access, outcomes, and ultimately rewriting the equation as to what a student can expect from higher education is why we do what we do. Strong outcomes that meet our standards are necessary for us to decide to partner with a school, but outcomes alone are not sufficient for Skills Fund to partner with a school and our ROE Review process looks at much more.

Is ROE Review a Guarantee for Me?

Our ROE Review process seeks to be both holistic and thorough. We assess information provided by our partner schools, current and former students, alongside information available from other sources, such as data reported in full accordance with the standards of the Council on Integrity in Results Reporting (CIRR), to try to determine whether our partner schools can deliver true ROE. Information, however, will never be perfect and Skills Fund can't guarantee that a specific partner school will be able to deliver benefits to any individual student.

We have done our best to vet our partner schools based on the information available to Skills Fund, but we cannot guarantee that information provided to us by partner schools is accurate or that a school will deliver ROE for every student. Selecting a school is an important decision for each individual student to make based on each student's needs. Students need to make their own determinations about whether to attend a partner school and should not rely on Skills Fund's ROE Review process or determination to partner with a school in deciding to attend a particular program.

These programs are also hard work: you’ll only get a real Return on Education if you put in the work, both in your program and in finding a job after it ends.

ROE Review is not a guarantee of any results for any student. Instead, ROE Review reflects the conclusion of Skills Fund that a particular program has the potential to deliver real Return on Education for those students who do the required work.