6 Best Places to Research Bootcamps

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6 Best Places to Research Bootcamps

With the bootcamp industry rapidly growing, the process of picking the right bootcamp may seem overwhelming at first. Thankfully there is an abundance of resources available online to help you research what's what and select the perfect bootcamp to help you skill up and launch your career. Start with these top six places to research coding and technology bootcamps.


Reddit is a one-stop-shop for unbiased knowledge and opinions from anyone and everyone. Subreddits such as r/cscareerquestions and r/learnprogramming are full of user-submitted questions about bootcamps, programming languages, and upcoming career opportunities.

How do I use Reddit? You can search for particular keywords, either in all of Reddit or in specific subreddits. To submit a question or topic, you'll need to create a free account.


Often seen as a hybrid between Wikipedia and Reddit, Quora is a no-frills-added question and answer site where anyone can ask, answer, and edit questions about any topic. There's a mountain of information on Quora, so try looking in the Programming Bootcamp and the Learning to Program sections first. Or just type a bootcamp's name into the search bar, and you'll receive any questions or answers containing that search term.

How do I use Quora? Sign up for a free Quora account to ask or answer questions. You can browse a limited amount of content without signing up for an account.

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Course Report has been the go-to coding bootcamp review site since the creation of the bootcamp industry. In addition to posting helpful bootcamp guides and resources, they also conduct independent research (check out their most recent 2017 report that outlines the growth of the industry) and have the largest collection of bootcamp student testimonials on the internet.


The bootcamp you choose to attend is only as effective as the outcomes they provide to their students. What percentage of graduates obtain employment after graduating? What types of occupations are graduates getting? What are their starting salaries?

Almost every bootcamp will claim different outcomes, and it might be difficult to distinguish whether or not those percentages are correct. The Council on Integrity in Results Reporting (CIRR) is a nonprofit coalition of bootcamps who report their outcomes data in a standard, apples-to-apples format.

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Industry newcomers and experts coexist by way of intelligent and punchy articles on Medium. Within Medium's library you'll find essays by bootcamp graduates, bootcamp employees, and bootcamp industry experts.

How do I use Medium? When you sign up for a free Medium account, you'll be asked a series of questions about your interests, hobbies, and studies. Based on your responses, you'll get a collection of content to view. You can also follow specific people to see their essays first.


Skills Fund

Skills Fund is the what's what of the best high-quality technology and skills development bootcamps. We only work with programs that provide their students with a tangible return on education - because we believe that all students should be empowered to change their lives without the cloudiness of fishy marketing, deceptive lending practices, and curriculum that isn't in their best interest. Our blog is a fantastic resource whether you're looking for a bootcamp in your area, online, or across the country.