3 Ways to Predict Your Income After a Bootcamp

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3 Ways to Predict Your Income After a Bootcamp

There are many different reasons why a student might attend a bootcamp. Perhaps they want to refine their existing skills, learn a new language, or dive into a new career. For students who are uprooting their lives to enroll in a program, a major motivator is the fact that there are thousands of well-paying jobs available to bootcamp graduates due to the current technology job shortage. So how much are bootcamp graduates making, and what kind of potential salary is available after those few months? While we're not a crystal ball, there are a number of ways that you can get an idea of what awaits you after you complete your bootcamp.

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#1: Look at the Bootcamp's Outcomes Report

An increasing amount of bootcamps and accelerated learning programs are making their outcomes available for all to see - think graduation rates, job placement rates, and starting salary amounts. Members of the Council on Integrity in Results Reporting (CIRR) publish their graduates' salaries on a quarterly basis. If the bootcamp you are looking to attend is a part of CIRR, it'll be easy to see the amount of money that their graduates are making after completing the program. If your bootcamp is not part of CIRR, ask them if they have a different type of audited outcomes report.

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#2 Online Resources & Databases

While the information might be more anecdotal compared to an audited outcomes report, you can get a general idea of a job's salary by researching on websites like salary.com and Glassdoor.

How to find our your salary:

1. Find your job title (are you going to become a Web Developer? UX/UI Designer? Data Scientist? Etc.)

2. Take your location into account. Professionals in San Francisco will make a different amount than people in Madison, Wisconsin, for example.

3. How large of a company? The landscape of a salary for a startup employee looks different compared to someone who is employed at a larger company.

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#3: Connect With Alumni

While it's never appropriate to ask someone how much their salary is, connecting with bootcamp alumni serves as a great opportunity to find out more about post-bootcamp life. What do they wish they had known before enrolling? How about advice for when you're in the program? Chances are they went through the same process that you're in right now - so they'll be more than happy to answer your questions. Don't forget to spend time looking through Course Report and visiting communities like Reddit and Quora.

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... also take benefits into account. While you're in the post-bootcamp job hunt, make sure you ask questions that will shape your work-life balance and retirement options.

Ask about:

1. Flexibility. Can you work from home on occasion? Are there set hours every day, or do you make your own schedule?

2. Benefits. Does the company contribute to your 401k? Are there stock options?

3. Time off. Is there a set amount of time you're allowed to take off? Does it accrue weekly, or is it awarded at the beginning of the year?


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Originally published October 13, 2017.