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Your Future Game Plan: Is a Skills Fund Student Loan Right for You?

So let's get down to business: you need to pay for your tuition. Is a Skills Fund loan the right option for you?

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The data science job market has consistently grown over the past several years. Fueled, in part, by advances in big data, AI, and machine learning, we've seen a lot of demand for professionals looking to further their education within data science.


The modern web as we know it is built on JavaScript. From user interactions on websites to database integration on the backend, the programming language continues to rise in popularity. With this in mind, LearningFuze offers its students a choice of a full-time, 12-week immersive web development bootcamp or a part-time, comprehensive program with tracks in front-end, back-end, or full-stack. Billy Kim is a recent graduate of LearningFuze that was hired as a Full Stack Web Developer at Naked...

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Codesmith offers their Software Engineering Immersive program at campuses in New York and Los Angeles, in addition to a variety of in-person events and online resources. We checked in with Franklin, a graduate from the ninth cohort out of New York’s campus and current full-stack engineer at The Muse, to get his *ahem* musings on Codesmith’s bootcamp and how it helped him prepare for a career in software engineering.

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Coding bootcamp enrollment has exploded, seeing a tenfold increase since 2013. With over 20,000 graduates in 2018 alone, coding bootcamps are continuing to see record growth. Why? According to Course Report, a majority of bootcamp grads have found new jobs in under 3 months and have seen a pay bump of $21,000. With an average price tag of $11,900 and roughly 3-4 months of coursework, it’s easy to see why bootcamps are an increasingly popular alternative to undergraduate and graduate degrees.

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Flatiron School’s immersive in-person programs are designed to help you quickly skill up and transform your future. In just a few months, you could have the training you need to launch a career in web development, UX/UI design, or data science. These programs are intense, and bootcamp alumni will tell you: incredible outcomes require dedication! If you’re considering an in-person bootcamp, make sure you’re ready to take full advantage of Flatiron’s resources as you begin an exciting career in tech.

This might mean you’ll need to find a way to cover your monthly living expenses while...

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Skills Fund’s Chief Impact Officer, Yuanxia Ding, had the opportunity to speak about quality assurance and the future of outcomes-based education at this year’s QM Connect Conference. Yuanxia sat down with Deb Adair, Quality Matter’s Executive Director, to discuss trends and issues related to evaluating schools and determining student outcomes.


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Breaking Into Startups is committed to helping underrepresented populations access and succeed in the tech industry. In a recent podcast episode, the team featured Skills Fund's CEO, Rick O'Donnell. Rick shared his thoughts on career transitions, education financing, and outcomes-driven higher education – check out the episode below!

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Loans are ideal for those who have an eye to credit rehabilitation and credit health. Given there are a variety of lenders who work with bootcamps, the below questions are important to ask prior to working with any loan provider.

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Insight’s full-time fellowship programs are designed to train students to become top data scientists in high-demand positions. In 7 short weeks, Insight Fellows learn the skills they need to begin a career in data science, data engineering, health data science, artificial intelligence, or data product management.


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