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Is a Loan for Me?

Loans are ideal for those who have an eye to credit rehabilitation and credit health. Given there are a variety of lenders who work with bootcamps, the below questions are important to ask prior to working with any loan provider.

Questions to Ask Before Accepting Job Offer - Skills Fund.png

You meticulously edited your resume and portfolio, prepared for every potential interview question, and waited for a call back from your dream job.

Congratulations, you got the job! Now that it’s time to sign your job offer, your future company might move fast. While you shouldn’t have a reason to hesitate (you have landed an awesome opportunity), accepting a job offer comes with responsibilities and considerations.

Be a Voter Photo by Dan Dennis

Attending a bootcamp or changing your career means you’re constantly busy. Whether you’re taking online classes, job hunting or learning a new skill, it seems like there’s always something else to do. It’s understandable if juggling all of these personal responsibilities might make it feel like voting is at the bottom of your list.

Here’s a guide to help you feel more prepared and ensure you’re ready to cast your vote (whether in person or by mail) before or on Election Day (and, more importantly, get your “I voted” sticker) on...

Social Change Scholarship Skills Fund.png

Today, students across the U.S. (18+) can enter for a chance to win a new scholarship focused on supporting the social causes that motivate them.

Why Juneteenth Matters - Skills Fund.png

Whether you grew up celebrating Juneteenth or this is your first time hearing about it, here’s a breakdown of its history, why it matters today, and how you can celebrate and show support.

HIRED Agile Panel 2019 copy.jpg

Now available: Episode 2 of the HIR(ED) podcast series!

Today's episode, “Agile Education: Are Bootcamps Iterating Fast Enough?", features Will Sentance (CEO & Founder, Codesmith), RC Johnson (Director of Software Engineering for, Amir Savar (Founder, Skilled Inc.), and Joe Burgess (Entrepreneur in Residence, Flatiron School).

Many thanks to Micah...

HIRED Bootcamp Conference Stage.jpg

In November 2019, Skills Fund hosted the HIR(ED) Summit, the bootcamp industry's first-ever conference. Today, we're excited to announce the HIR(ED) podcast series! Micah Merrick's podcast, Skill, will be sharing selected panels and talks from the summit.

Today's episode features Liz Eggleston, Course Report Co-Founder, on the state of the bootcamp industry.


If you missed part 1, I went over some key things to think through as far as making a career change, selecting a bootcamp, and setting yourself up to be successful before getting started. If you’ve already made your choice and are getting ready to start classes, phase 3 of that post includes some useful links to help you get some reps in before you start drinking from the firehose. With research and prep in the rearview mirror, let’s dive in on how to get off to a great start with your...


Skills Fund recently organized the inaugural HIR(ED) Summit, a gathering of 120 bootcamp leaders, regulators, content creators, and education experts in order to help bootcamps produce ever better outcomes for students. The two-day event featured a diverse set of panelists discussing topics ranging from measuring the effectiveness of serving underrepresented populations to discussing the best way to report student outcomes. Here are five key takeaways from the 2019 HIR(ED) Summit.


How many great decisions did you make when you were 18? I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt and say five. Finally free from the tyranny of your high school algebra teacher, maybe you chose to go to a university to flex your intellectual muscles and chart a path toward societal revolution. Or maybe you wandered a bit too far from campus and got a little more familiar with the local bar scene than you’d care to admit. Either way, we’re expecting folks who can’t even legally rent a car to make life-altering decisions about what to study, where to live, or how much student loan debt to take...


Qualifying for a loan seems like it shouldn’t be too complicated. Answer a few questions, submit your information, and wait for a decision, right? But what happens if you’re new to the game and you don’t have much of a credit history? Or what if your credit score is recovering from a few late payments from a couple years back? Luckily, adding a qualified cosigner has the potential to significantly increase your odds of securing a loan. A cosigner is someone who agrees to take on debt payments if a borrower is unable to pay them back. It’s like a bit of extra protection on your loan that...


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