Higher Ed Is Broken. Our Higher Purpose Is to Fix It.

Education is the key to a better life. It’s the engine of our economy and the lifeblood of our communities.

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Schools fail to prepare students for the jobs of today and tomorrow. Accreditors fail to guarantee school quality. And lenders fail borrowers by letting them go into debt for a low-return education.

And no one has an eye to outcomes.


Demand More from Accreditors, Lenders and Schools.


Millions of Americans, in communities across the country, are investing their faith, trust, and financial futures in a broken system of higher ed.


All the while, schools have no skin in the game, accreditors are incentivized by those they police, and lenders have no regard for a Return on Education.

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We Owe Them a Return

The highest quality education at the most affordable cost in terms of both time and money.

The best possible outcome for every single person, regardless of their position in life.

A Return on Education for all through a transparent outcomes-based financing model in which we all have skin in the game.

Sharing knowledge pays the greatest dividends.

Let’s collaborate on great ideas.


Accessing the Tech Industry: The Breaking Into Startups Podcast

Breaking Into Startups is committed to helping underrepresented populations access and succeed in the tech industry. Rick recently joined the team to talk access, innovation, and surprising industry insights.

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Quality Assurance for Education: QM Connect Conference

Our Chief Impact Officer, Yuanxia Ding, had the opportunity to speak about quality assurance and the future of outcomes-based education at this year’s QM Connect Conference.

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CIRR: An Effective Approach to Student Outcomes Answers Lingering Questions Around Program Quality & Workforce Development

An Effective Approach to Student Outcomes Answers Lingering Questions Around Program Quality & Workforce Development

A vast number of Americans are wrestling with how best to gauge the quality and economic returns of a college degree and workforce training credential.

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A Return On Your Education

A Return On Your Education

What It Means For Skills Fund & What It Means For You Skills Fund takes our informal motto very seriously: “We partner with schools worth your time and money.”

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Educating for 21st Century Skills: The Edtech Podcast

Skills Fund's Founder & CEO, Rick O'Donnell, had the opportunity to speak on The Edtech Podcast about the Skills Fund model and bootcamps as a new form of higher ed.

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