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Students: It's Your Turn.

Get this: We're the only lender who provides students with their interest rate, general APR, and monthly payment amounts BEFORE asking them for any information. Why? Because we're not a traditional lending company. For us, this is personal. Everything we do is students-first. For the past five years, student debt has skyrocketed. The blame gets placed on a number of factors - including greedy colleges, shady lenders, and a lack of financial knowledge. There's no Return on Education. Think about it: when a student doesn't get a good outcome, who is the victim? It's not the school - they've already been paid. It's not the traditional lender - they're backed by the government. It's the student - the student gets debt.

We've just about had it - so we've done something to change this model. We've created a financing platform that holds the student, the school, and the lender ALL responsible for delivering a skills training that comes with a RoE.


Unlike other lenders, we aren't going to make you take out a calculator and do the arithmetic yourself. We've taken care of that. Before we partner with any school, we sit down with them and ask them some real questions about their outcomes, instructors, and curriculum. If they don't have data - or if their data doesn't show a positive RoE - we won't partner with them. Seriously. We've turned down schools before.

Read more about how Skills Fund analyzes a school's RoE.

Transparent Loan Calculator


If you've visited one of our partner websites, chances are you've seen our loan calculator. Select the program you're going to attend and type in the amount you'd like to borrow. We'll tell you your interest rate, general APR and monthly repayment amount right at the beginning.

Some lenders will require you to apply and run a hard credit check on you before telling you anything.

Other lenders will ask you for your personal information (birthday, GPA, email address) before providing this information to you.

We just want you to get an immersive education, and we don't want financing to be an extra hurdle to jump. It should be that easy.

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If you put your precious time and money into an education, you deserve the skills and outcomes to propel your career forward and get you where you want to be. This is the bread and butter of Skills Fund's mission. We have no other incentives. It's as simple as that. It's called RoE.